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Why it's Important to Get Out in the Sun This Summer

girl in the sun resized 600Summer is most people's favorite season. Temperatures have warmed up and it's time for barbecues and trips to the beach. In between all the fun you're having, you may hear a warning voice in the back of your mind telling you to stay out of the sun. The American Cancer Society has spread the message far and wide that we should stay out of the sun if possible.
But is that always a good idea?

There is actually a very good reason that you should spend some time in the sun every day, and it involves giving your body all the nutrients it needs to keep running properly.

Helping your body with sunlight

Research has shown that not going out in the sun can leave you with dangerously low levels of vitamin D. This is because 90% of the vitamin D your body needs is created in your skin with the help of sunlight. If you don't get enough sunshine, you'll either have to find other sources of the nutrient or go without. It's a lot cheaper and more fun to go outside for a few minutes every day, however.

You can get your daily sunshine by just going for a walk, but swimming and outdoor sports are other great ways. If your job keeps you stuck inside all day, you can still make a point to walk around outside during your lunch break in order to get some fresh air with your sunshine.

Taking proper precautions

None of this changes the fact that too much sun can also be bad for your body. If you spend too much time outside without sunscreen, looking like a bright red tomato will be the least of your worries. In addition to a painful sunburn, you can also develop skin cancer if you expose your skin to the sun for too long without protection.

Experts recommend that you use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. After you've had about twenty minutes in the sun, apply the sunscreen liberally and reapply as necessary if some rubs off due to swimming or sweating.

Another way to protect your body from getting too much ultraviolet radiation (the component of sunlight that can cause problems) is to cover up with a long sleeve shirt and a hat after you've had enough sun for the day.

Maintaining a proper diet

In addition to getting the right nutrients, it's also vital to make sure that you have a balanced diet if you want to maintain your health and ideal weight. In order to give you a hand with that, Meratrim is now available. Meratrim combines extracts of the Sphaeranthus indicus flower bud and the Garcinia mangostana fruit to give the body the natural boost it needs to lose unwanted weight. Try out Meratrim today, and you might just discover the missing element in achieving all of your health and weight loss goals.

How to Lose Weight With a Full Time Job

meditationbreakatwork resized 600It's an age old problem that most Americans face: you want to be in shape and lose weight, but itís hard to do when you have a full time job. You have to commute in order to get to work in the first place, and then there's an exhausting 8 to 9 hour workday to face. By the time most of us get home in the evening, there's no energy left to work out, and that microwave-ready meal seems a lot more appetizing than cooking a healthy meal from scratch.

If you want to lose weight while keeping your full time job, it's important to figure out how to juggle both of these important parts of your life.

Find ways to stay active at work

More and more adults are finding themselves in careers that require sitting in an office and staring at a computer screen. This sedentary style of work can lead to poor fitness all by itself, but combine it with the bad eating habits of many office workers and you have a recipe for poor overall health.

One of the best ways to start staying fit with a job like this is to work more physical activity into your job. This can mean that you simply get up every hour or so and walk around the office. You can also get clever and start finding ways to exercise while you work. Instead of taking the elevator from floor to floor, always take the stairs. Be the first person to offer to move furniture around or carry that stack of printer paper into the office. Just by finding small ways to work out, you can keep your blood pumping and burn more calories than if you just sat still all day.

Consider a new schedule

Instead of staying up late watching your favorite TV shows every night and then dragging yourself out of bed to get to work the next morning, consider changing up how you spend your evening. If you get to bed just an hour earlier, you could start getting up an hour
(or even half an hour) earlier in fit in some exercise at home.

You don't have to have an expensive gym membership to work out. Instead, you can start by doing some sit-ups and push-ups at home, or going for a brisk walk around the block. Any physical activity is better than no physical activity at all, and everyone can afford to get up a little earlier in order to stay healthy!

Giving your diet a helping hand

Exercise alone can only do so much to help you keep a healthy figure. It's also vital to watch what you eat. For many people diet plays an even bigger part in weight loss than working out, so you can help yourself a lot by eating the right foods and using the best nutritional supplements. In order to do so, consider trying Meratrim. It's a special mixture of Sphaeranthus indicus flower and Garcinia mangostana fruit that is formulated to help you lose weight. Find out why so many health advocates use Meratrim by picking it up today.

What to Put in Your Salad

Salad prep balerinaMost people know that salads are a great addition to a healthy diet. They usually have a lot of leafy greens and vegetables that give your body important nutrients, vitamins and fiber.

With our health-conscious society moving towards eating healthier, we are now seeing more and more restaurants with salads on the menu.

The wealth of options begs a question, though: are all of these salads really good for you? What should you actually put in a salad?

Looking beyond the lettuce

It's still a great idea to build your salad on a foundation of lettuce, spinach, kale or other leafy greens because they are packed with excellent nutrients. Skip the iceberg lettuce, though, as it really can't compared to its darker-green cousins. In addition to the greens, it's always a great idea to pick out your favorite combination of veggies to mix in as well. If you're not sure which ones are best, use the rainbow method. As long as you pick a wide variety of different colored veggies, you're bound to get a good combination of vital nutrients. If you're adding orange carrots, bright red tomatoes and green zucchini to your salad, you're on the right track.

A major way that most salads can step up in quality is by adding protein. Lean white chicken meat and salmon are two great choices that can also add a lot of flavor. Just make sure that you're not cooking the meat in a lot of butter or using overly sugary glazes, and your salad will be a winner.

Picking the right dressing

Another trick to making a salad look and taste appealing is to submerge it in dressing. There's the old standby of ranch dressing, of course, but you can also find options from raspberry vinaigrette to honey Dijon or sweet teriyaki. These dressings all taste great on top of a salad, but the source of that great taste is usually a ton of sugar and fat. Restaurants know that they've got a winning combination when they can make you think that you're eating healthy but are actually satisfying your sweet tooth.

In order to keep your salad actually working as a healthy part of your diet, look for simple dressings. If you're making a salad at home, you can make your own dressing by mixing up a little olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. When you're out at a restaurant, actually take a look at what is in the dressings before you pick one. If it's full of sugar, artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated vegetable oil, steer clear.

Helping your weight with Meratrim

Starting with lots of vegetables is a great way to get your diet into shape. In order to make it even better, many health-conscious diners have added a Meratrim weight loss program to their nutritional plan. By using a natural supplement to help in their weight loss, Meratrim users find that they feel better and meet their health goals faster than through dieting alone. Try out Meratrim today and see the difference for yourself!

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Do Juice Cleanses Really Help You Lose Weight?

juicing fad dietsDiet fads come and go, but every once in a while a new way of eating really takes hold of our imaginations. Some of your friends are talking about only eating nuts and berries from now on, while another has sworn off eating wheat completely. Some of these trends sound like good ideas, while others come off a bit odd. One of the newest to capture imaginations (and stomachs) all over the world is doing a juice cleanse.  

There are a variety of types of juice cleanses, but they all revolve around the idea of foregoing solid food for days or weeks while you only drink various combinations of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. The theory is that doing so will cleanse your body and help you lose weight.

You can make your own concoctions at home with a juicer or you can buy pre-made juice blends from several different cleansing brands. While it may sound tasty, several key questions come to mind. The most important are: can a juice cleanse really help you lose weight, and is it healthy to do so?

Pros and cons of juice cleanses

First of all, fruits and vegetables are definitely an important part of your diet. Your body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals, and fruits and veggies are some of the best sources for these. If you want to get vitamin C, for example, drinking fresh orange juice is one of the best ways to get it.

Juice cleanses go further than just drinking fresh juice, though. They dictate that you drink only juice, and they usually have a variety of claims about how this will aid everything from your digestion and metabolism to your weight and how your skin looks. It's true that only drinking juice (and sometimes added nut milk or soy milk) will help you lose weight because you are not providing your body with much fat, protein or the carbohydrates that add unhealthy weight.

At the same time, many health and nutrition researchers are now reporting that juice cleanses may not be as beneficial as we've all heard. One of the biggest problems is that you're missing out on a lot of good fiber when you only drink the juice of a fruit or vegetable. This fiber is extremely important for your digestive health, but only drinking juice gets rid of most of it.

Your body can also miss out on the lean protein and good fats that it needs to build and repair tissues and to keep you healthy. So, you may lower your calorie intake for a while and drop some weight, but it's not going to be the best for your health in the long run.

Helping your weight with Meratrim

While juice can help as a part of your diet (instead of the whole thing), you should also consider adding a supplement like Meratrim as well. Meratrim is created from a combination of fruit and flower extracts and is specially designed to give your body the boost it needs to aid in losing weight faster. It's a fantastic addition to your balanced nutritional plan!

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Start Swimming to Get Healthy

swimming for fitnessOf all the workouts you can use to get in shape, one of the most often overlooked is swimming. It’s true that we don’t all have a pool in the backyard, but finding a place to swim will be well worth the effort you put into it.

Women’s Healthhas a great article that touches on many of the reasons that swimming is such a great workout, and we’ll discuss several of them here. 

Lower resistance is good for your joints

It’s a good idea to get your body moving if you want to lose weight and be healthy. No matter what you choose – be it jogging, cycling or even rock climbing – it’s important to start getting your body active. One downside to many of these activities, however, is that they can put a lot of stress on your joints. Over time, this can lead to pain and injuries.

This is where swimming has a major advantage. Due to buoyancy, submerging your body in water counteracts much of the effect of gravity pulling down on you. Any exercise you do in a pool, then, will have much less of an effect on your joints. All of the exercise you end up doing while swimming will still improve your body, but it will also lower the chance of hurting it at the same time.

Burn calories and build muscle

As for the actual benefits of swimming, there are many. An hour of easy swimming can burn 500 calories, while pushing yourself can burn as many as 700. This is comparable to running and other aerobic exercise. So, by swimming you can burn just as many or more calories than your normal exercises, you you’re putting much less of a strain on your body at the same time.

While in water, you’re also having to use your muscles to constantly push against a fluid that is much more dense than air. Going swimming thus builds a lot more lean muscle than just going for a run.

Have fun!

Another good reason to swim is that it’s fun! Running can get extremely boring after a while, but time spent at the pool has a lot more potential for excitement. Once you finish your workout swim, you can always head over to the diving board and do some cannonballs! There’s also the fact that getting your family members to exercise with you will be a lot easier if there’s the possibility of going down a water slide.

Giving weight loss a boost

In addition to swimming, you’re also going to want to maximize your weight loss by making sure you eat right. Meratrim is a powerful nutritional supplement that can help you do just that. Clinical studies have shown that it was helpful in getting users to lose weight faster over an eight-week period. Eating right and exercising enough will always be vital to any weight loss (and that’s where swimming comes in), but using Meratrim can give you the edge you need!

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Why You Should Exercise With Friends

friends exercising for funThere are many reasons that adults find it difficult to get outside and start exercising.

It’s very easy to talk ourselves out of getting up and getting active, and as a result we spend far too much time indoors and on the couch.

In order to combat this all-too-natural lethargy, friends can often be the best medicine for getting started and continuing your exercise regimen.

Starting to exercise

Many adults don’t get the exercise they need because they never start exercising in the first place! This is a problem of motivation, and friends can be the best motivation of all. Talk to your friends and find out which ones are like-minded in their desire to start getting active. Create a workout plan together, and then get each other to stick to it! Nothing helps like a well-intentioned guilt trip phone call from your best friend.

None of us like to let our friends down, so having a group to exercise with can push you over the edge into exercising when you might normally think up excuses not to.

Fighting self-doubt

As you start working out, you might realize that it’s harder than your expected or that you’re not as in shape as you thought you were. Self-doubt might creep in, and it can hurt your chances of continuing to exercise. By working out with friends, you can encourage each other and keep those nagging doubts at bay.

Just by running or cycling alongside a friend, there is someone that can help you in two ways. The first is by giving you a standard of comparison. When you see that your friend is struggling, too, but continuing to work and keep going, it can help you see that you should, too. The second way they can help is by giving you vitally-needed words of encouragement during the uphill sections of your run or ride that would otherwise seem insurmountable.

Having more fun

Exercising alone simply isn’t as much fun as doing it with a group. When you are by yourself, you often have to think of ways to entertain yourself while you repeat exercises that you might have done a hundred times before. Exercising with your friends means that you can talk, make jokes and encourage each other to keep on going.

When you have friends to exercise with, it’s simply more fun than exercising alone. Trying to work out by yourself can mean watching every minute slowly tick by, but when you exercise with friends you’ll wonder where the time went.

A bonus to slimming down

Exercising alone won’t help most adults hit their targeted weight. What we eat has a vital role to play, too, and that’s where Meratrim plays a part. By taking a nutritional supplement along with your exercise, you can start to see faster weight loss results than just by exercising alone. Have a look at Meratrim review for yourself and decide if you want to start getting healthier than you’ve ever been before!

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3 Ways to Lose Weight at the Gym

lose weight in the gym resized 600So you want to lose weight and start feeling better about your body, and you've decided to join a gym. Great!

You've taken an excellent first step towards getting your body, but now you need to know what to do there to actually get fit.

Going to the gym for the first time can be overwhelming. There are so many machines, and so many exercisers that look like they already know what they're doing. Where do you start? What are the best exercises?

In order to help, here are three of the best ways to lose weight at the gym.

Sign up for a class

Probably the best way to ease into working out regularly is by signing up for one of the workout classes that most gyms provide. Instead of wandering around the gym by yourself, these (often free) classes can help train you on how to work out. There are also options like dancing away the pounds by taking a Zumba class.

By having fun dancing and listening to great music, you can be led by a trained professional and you'll soon forget that you're even exercising. It's more fun by far than just staring at a complex workout machine by yourself and trying to figure out how it works.

Cardio is vital

Don't let the guys (and girls!) doing bench presses deceive you and getting fit doesn't necessarily mean lifting a lot of heavy weights. In fact, the most important part of losing weight and getting your body slim will be doing cardio exercises. Lifting weights does help the body build muscle, but the type of muscle being used is better suited for fast, jerking movement.

The type of muscle building that helps you lose more weight is the muscle that contributes to endurance exercises like running and cycling. Because of this, you're going to want to spend more of your time at the gym putting in good blocks of time on the treadmill and the exercise bike. These will help you lose weight faster, and you can always try lifting weights later!

Mix it up!

One of the biggest complaints of anyone that signs up at the gym is that they get bored of exercising and stop using their memberships. The way to defeat this problem is by mixing up your routine regularly. Don't just ride the exercise bike every day. Before you know it you won't even be going to the gym. Instead, try cycling one day, but the next day try running on an elliptical machine. Also, bring a variety of music or audio books to keep yourself interested and motivated.

Diet is vital, too

No matter how much time you spend at the gym, it will all be for nothing if you're not taking care of your diet, too. An excellent way of doing that is by adding Meratrim to your diet. Meratrim is a nutritional supplement that helps the body lose weight faster than it can just through exercise. Take a look at it today in order to get in shape faster!

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Does Water Help You Lose Weight?

Splashing water in combination with Meratrim for weightloss.Everyone knows to drink water. It’s a simple human impulse, and it’s the basis of everything we drink, of course. Even if you think you live off of Red Bull and coffee, it’s the water that your body still vitally needs and wants, and most of us just aren’t drinking enough.

In addition to the simple health benefits of staying hydrated, water can also help you lose weight. Here are several ways it does so.

Helping you feel full

When most of us get hungry, we’ll reach for almost anything to fill ourselves up. This leads to making poor dietary choices such as eating sugary foods or meals that are high in empty carbs. Water can actually help you feel full and counteract this behavior.

The idea is simple: the more water you drink, the faster you can fill up your stomach and give it more of a “full” feeling. This can lead to eating less at every meal and negating the urge to eat foods that aren’t good for you.

Keeping you from drinking too many calories

When you’re thirsty, you have a lot of options to reach for. You could buy a 24 pack of Coke to satisfy yourself every time you get thirsty, but you’ll be adding a lot of sugar to your diet at the same time. This is a lot of calories that your body doesn’t need while you’re trying to lose weight.

By drinking more water, you won’t have as many strong urges to drink soda and other beverages that aren’t good for you.

Burning more calories

There is another way that water helps with the calories you ingest. Research has shown that it helps your body burn calories faster. Burning calories is at the basis of all weight loss. You have to use them up faster than your body is taking them in if you want excess weight to go away. Drinking more water actually increases the speed at which your body burns up those calories.

You also don’t even have to drink eight glasses of water a day to do it. After all, many of us already aren’t drinking nearly eight glasses. There isn’t much research that actually says you need that much. In fact, after having only a little over two glasses, your body’s metabolic rate can increase by 30%. That’s a lot of extra calories burned!

After a year of drinking more water, your body can lose pounds of weight just from the water. When added to working out and eating right, you create a potent combination for weight loss and increased health.

A supplement to wash down with water

While drinking water can help a lot, it can’t make you lose weight all by itself. Any diet plan needs several components to be successful, and Meratrim should be part of yours. It’s a nutritional supplement made from natural fruit and flower extracts, and it can help contribute to faster weight loss than you’d achieve just by dieting and exercising alone. Check it out today!

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Dining out with friends may affect what you eat


Going to a restaurant for lunch or dinner has always presented problems for those who are trying to maintain or lose weight. It can be considerably less fun to dine on a salad while the rest of your companions are blissfully eating burgers, steaks or ribs.

How Fruit Can Help With Weight Loss

Girls eating a green apple enjoying fruit health benefitsFace it: we all want to eat something sweet occasionally. Our bodies seem to be almost genetically programmed to want sweet, sugary foods, but we also know that these foods are the absolute worst choices if we want to lose weight and stay healthy. Nature, however, has provided us with a solution.

Fruit is the sweet treat that not only can help satisfy that sugar rush (because of its naturally occurring fructose), but can also actually help contribute to your weight loss. Here are several ways that it helps do so.

Replacing carbohydrates

Part of the reason that so many adults have trouble with their weight is because of what they eat for breakfast. Many of us grew up with having sugary cereals for breakfast, and as we got older we might have replaced them with large quantities of toast and bagels. All of these wheat-based foods are high in carbohydrates but low in actual nutrition.

Your body wants these carbs so that it can burn them for energy throughout the day, but researchers have found that one of the best ways fruit can help your diet is by replacing these wheat carbohydrates with better ones. Fruits such as bananas, pineapple and mango all taste great for breakfast, and they’ll all give you a burst of carbs to give you the energy you need to start the day off right.

Keeping you hydrated

Another vital component of a healthy diet is drinking enough water. Simply put, most adults don’t drink enough to stay hydrated and keep our bodies running the way they should. Melons and other fruits that have a high water content can help keep you hydrated while also giving you something to chew on. Instead of trying to drink eight glasses of water a day, it’s a lot easier to just drink a few and then also have several delicious slices of watermelon.

Adding important nutrients to your diet

The human body needs a lot of different vitamins and nutrients to continue running correctly, and fruit actually help provide several of the most important. For example, citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, one of the best vitamins for keeping your body healthy. Some researchers have even argued that the urge to eat candy and other sweets comes from the fact that your body is trying to tell you to eat fruit. Your body may possibly be trying to replenish the nutrients it vitally needs, and we often ignore the request by having a slice of pie or a candy bar!

Getting assistance with eating right

In addition to eating fruit, Meratrim can help a lot with reaching your weight loss goals. It’s actually formulated from a combination of the Garcinia mangostana fruit and the Sphaeranthus indicus flower, so that’s one more fruit that is helping with your weight loss! This Meratrim weight loss formula can help the body continue to lose the weight that you’re already slimming away by eating right. It’s a powerful combination that will have you looking and feeling better before you know it. 

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