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Training Your Brain for Workout Success

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Wed, Aug 26, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

We often think of workouts as being purely physical. However, our brain is the most powerful workout buddy we can have! A healthy mindset can help propel you toward your fitness goals, making them easier to accomplish. When you’re putting together a fitness plan, don’t forget to train your brain as well as your body. We have a few tips for a healthy mental workout:

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Smart Snacks for a Healthier You

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @ 08:04 AM

If you’re sticking to a new diet with the goal of losing weight, you might think that snacking is off-limits. However, snacks can make it easier for you to stick to your weight loss plan. Healthy snacks, enjoyed in sensible portions, give you an energy boost to help you power through your day. They also help you feel full and satisfied throughout the day, so you’re less inclined to overindulge at meal time. If you’re looking for some ideas for sensible snacks, we’ve got a few suggestions!

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Making Healthy Choices Easier

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Mon, Aug 24, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply want to feel healthier, deciding to commit to a healthy diet is an important step in the right direction. However, busy schedules and an abundance of convenient (but unhealthy) options can make it feel more challenging to stay on track. Fortunately, sticking to a healthy diet is simpler than you might think! We have a few simple tips to help you make healthier choices part of your everyday life:

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The Benefits of Swimming

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Aug 23, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

The summer heat can make outdoor exercise uncomfortable, if not unbearable. What better way to beat the heat but also get a great workout in than by swimming! Whether you have access to an indoor or outdoor pool, swimming is a fabulous way to exercise now or any time of the year. Bring the whole family to the pool for some splashing good fun that doubles as an effective workout.  Here are the amazing benefits of swimming:

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Tips for Getting Back Into a Workout Schedule

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Aug 22, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

The time has come, and you’re making the move to get back into a workout schedule. Sometimes it can be difficult to return to the gym or start up your old fitness regime after some time off, whether planned or not. Many people will say it’s even harder to start up again after you’ve had a certain level of fitness than just starting from scratch. Don’t let yourself get down! All it takes to get back into a workout schedule are a few simple things, and you’ll be back on top of your game in no time!

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Breaking Out Of A Fitness Rut

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Fri, Aug 21, 2015 @ 07:55 AM

Are you feeling bored with your current workout routine, or having trouble starting up a new one? You’re certainly not alone. Feeling like you're in a rut is not uncommon. Don't let it discourage you. If you are looking for ways to revitalize your routine, we’ve got a few tips to help you out.

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When Exercising in the Evening is the Right Choice

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Aug 20, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

While there are many benefits to starting your day with a workout, there are times when exercising in the evening is the right choice. Have you struggled to get up early in the morning, get outside for a run or go to the gym? Does the thought of getting up any earlier than you have to sound crazy? Well, luckily there are plenty of benefits to exercising in the evening, and sometimes it is the better choice for some folks.  Here are 5 reasons why exercising in the evening could be the right choice for you:

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Best Fruits to Buy at a Farmers Market

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Wed, Aug 19, 2015 @ 07:45 AM

Eating fruit is a nutritional way to add variety to a healthy diet, especially when eaten fresh. Fruits have natural sugars that help satiate sweet cravings while also providing necessary nutritional value. This time of year is the best for getting seasonal fruit in most areas of the country, with certain fruits having a little earlier or later seasons. If you’re looking to get more healthy, organic fruit in your diet, look no further than your local farmers market. Having trouble deciding which fruits to buy? Here are our top picks for the best fruits to buy at a farmers market:

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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Success

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Aug 18, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

Setting goals is an important part of any health and fitness routine. Goals provide us with something to work toward, and are a great source of motivation. Whenever you achieve one of your health and fitness goals, it’s important to take the time to celebrate your success. There are lots of fun ways to reward yourself that fit into your new healthy lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite healthy ways to celebrate your success:

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Surprisingly Hydrating Foods

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Mon, Aug 17, 2015 @ 07:25 AM

For anyone who maintains a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated plays a key role. Drinking water helps maintain your body’s balance of fluids, and help it work more efficiently. Water is also an important workout buddy, helping your muscles perform better and replacing fluid lost by sweating. When it comes to hydrating your body, nothing beats a tall glass of water. But did you know there are many foods that are an excellent source of water? Here are a few of our healthy favorites:

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