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Dining out with friends may affect what you eat


Going to a restaurant for lunch or dinner has always presented problems for those who are trying to maintain or lose weight. It can be considerably less fun to dine on a salad while the rest of your companions are blissfully eating burgers, steaks or ribs.

How Fruit Can Help With Weight Loss

Girls eating a green apple enjoying fruit health benefitsFace it: we all want to eat something sweet occasionally. Our bodies seem to be almost genetically programmed to want sweet, sugary foods, but we also know that these foods are the absolute worst choices if we want to lose weight and stay healthy. Nature, however, has provided us with a solution.

Fruit is the sweet treat that not only can help satisfy that sugar rush (because of its naturally occurring fructose), but can also actually help contribute to your weight loss. Here are several ways that it helps do so.

Replacing carbohydrates

Part of the reason that so many adults have trouble with their weight is because of what they eat for breakfast. Many of us grew up with having sugary cereals for breakfast, and as we got older we might have replaced them with large quantities of toast and bagels. All of these wheat-based foods are high in carbohydrates but low in actual nutrition.

Your body wants these carbs so that it can burn them for energy throughout the day, but researchers have found that one of the best ways fruit can help your diet is by replacing these wheat carbohydrates with better ones. Fruits such as bananas, pineapple and mango all taste great for breakfast, and they’ll all give you a burst of carbs to give you the energy you need to start the day off right.

Keeping you hydrated

Another vital component of a healthy diet is drinking enough water. Simply put, most adults don’t drink enough to stay hydrated and keep our bodies running the way they should. Melons and other fruits that have a high water content can help keep you hydrated while also giving you something to chew on. Instead of trying to drink eight glasses of water a day, it’s a lot easier to just drink a few and then also have several delicious slices of watermelon.

Adding important nutrients to your diet

The human body needs a lot of different vitamins and nutrients to continue running correctly, and fruit actually help provide several of the most important. For example, citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, one of the best vitamins for keeping your body healthy. Some researchers have even argued that the urge to eat candy and other sweets comes from the fact that your body is trying to tell you to eat fruit. Your body may possibly be trying to replenish the nutrients it vitally needs, and we often ignore the request by having a slice of pie or a candy bar!

Getting assistance with eating right

In addition to eating fruit, Meratrim can help a lot with reaching your weight loss goals. It’s actually formulated from a combination of the Garcinia mangostana fruit and the Sphaeranthus indicus flower, so that’s one more fruit that is helping with your weight loss! This Meratrim weight loss formula can help the body continue to lose the weight that you’re already slimming away by eating right. It’s a powerful combination that will have you looking and feeling better before you know it. 

Top yoga poses runners should try


Running is a great option for an intense cardio workout that will strengthen your lower body muscles and promote weight loss. However, it's also important to cross train in order to avoid overtraining injuries, joint discomfort,  fitness boredom, weight loss plateau​s and muscle imbalances.


Mental health affects how the body processes fat


When people are feeling bored, sad, tired or happy, they may reach for food to cope with their emotions, but it's rarely celery or an apple. Instead, there's a good chance it's high in sugar and/or fat like cake, fried food, a burger or chocolate.

Staying active helps seniors promote joint comfort and flexibility


Joint comfort and flexibility have become primary issues for many aging Americans who aren't ready to confine themselves to a sedentary lifestyle.

5 exercises you should include in your fitness plan


It's no secret that people need to get up and moving. Engaging in regular physical activity provides you with a host of mental and physical benefits, from a better immune system to a happier mood, less chance of injury, maintaining a healthy weight and less joint pain.

3 Ways Sleep Can Help Your Health

Getting healthy and losing weight can take a lot of hard work, so we often resort to some strange solutions to make it happen. Often the best methods of doing so are actually some of the most simple. For example, one of the most powerful methods of getting your body into shape is simply getting enough sleep.

It seems like it might be too good to be true, but there’s a lot of science behind the idea. According to WebMD, even one extra hour of sleep every day can have a significant impact on your health.

Here are three ways that getting enough sleep can help you meet all of your health goals.

Sleep Helps Your body’s repair time

The first (and most important) reason that sleep is vital is because it is your body’s best time to grow and repair. If you’re trying to lose weight and help your body get into its best shape ever, you need to give it the time to fix itself after every day of natural wear and tear.

Many adults cut down on their sleep time by staying up to late in addition to having to get up at a regularly early hour. When you get eight hours of sleep, your body gets fully rested and more fully repaired, so you feel fresh and ready to go again every day.

Lessening soreness from exercising

If you’re getting in shape, you’re going to be working out. It’s very hard to lose weight by just dieting alone, after all. As we all know, however, exercising can cause our bodies to get sore. It doesn’t matter if you’re just jogging or lifting heavy weights – your body is bound to start getting sore in the process. By getting a full night’s sleep, your body can rebuild and lessen the soreness that you feel.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you simply won’t see the same benefits from your exercise.

Not getting injured in the first place

Another way that sleep helps is by lowering your chance of feeling sore or getting injured in the first place. A rested person is an alert person that doesn’t have as many accidents or get injured as often. This helps while you’re exercising, but it also helps at home, at work and simply out in life. We all want to be as healthy as possible, and sleep helps achieve that by keeping us at our peak level of awareness.

Having the right nutritional help

Another vital facet of your total health is having the right nutritional supplements. Many of us simply don’t eat well, so getting the right balance of lean protein and vegetables into our diet is a crucial step. It’s also a great idea to use a supplement like Meratrim. It’s a combination of natural extracts that can help your body in the process of losing weight. You’ll still need to exercise and eat right, but Meratrim can help you get the body you’ve always wanted!

Nutrition has become a primary focus for MLB players


In the world of Major League Baseball (MLB), athletes will go to great lengths to ensure that they can perform a step above their competition. A trend that has been sweeping the sport over the past 10 years has been proper nutrition. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, not much attention was paid to what players were putting in their bodies. Major leaguers such as C.J. Wilson, Bronson Arroyo and David Lough were in the vast minority when it came to the benefits of a healthy diet. Their approach focused on lean protein sources, organic produce, a gluten-free diet and the right combination of vitamins and minerals that gave their bodies the energy and stamina it required to make it through the incredibly demanding season - and possibly the playoffs.

Is Garcinia cambogia really effective?


What is Garcinia cambogia?
Dr. Jonny Bowden explained to that Garcinia cambogia is a small tropical tree fruit that produces hydroxycitric acid (HCA), that's been shown to assist with weight loss. It was originally discovered in the 1960s, and since then there has been controversy about whether HCA is actually beneficial or not.

Bowden noted that HCA became popular in the 90s following a series of studies on animals showing its positive effects.

Are You Healthy?

Are You Healthy?Weight Management Facts Help Answer the Question, “Are You Healthy?”
Health in the United States has reached a point where many health professionals are now calling our situation one of the biggest crises our nation has ever faced. With Dr. Mehmet Oz, the extremely popular host of the eponymous daytime show “Dr.Oz,” being hauled before the U.S. Congress to answer for promoting unproven weight loss “miracle supplements,” the question of Americans’ overall health has been brought back to the forefront. Americans are yet again having to answer the tough question, “are you healthy?” Depending on the answer, they are also having to make some serious life changes.

Diet: The Biggest Contributor To the Crisis
The average American looking for the cause for their ever-expanding waistline need only look in the pantry. The typical American pantry won’t contain an abundance of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains -- these so-called clean foods are widely considered to the be healthy alternatives to the over-processed items that line our supermarket shelves. Instead, corn chips, fruit packed in syrup, and corn syrup-laden granola bars fill up our cupboards. Because we eat more of these packaged, processed foods than anything else, the average American now consumes more than 56 pounds of pure, white sugar annually. For the sake of comparison, we consumed just about 44 grams of sugar every five days in 1820, or the amount of sugar in a 12 ounce can of soda. We consume that in a mere seven hours now, according to a study from Business Insider.

Our love for sugar speaks to an imbalance in our consumption of nutrients across the board. By and large, Americans consume too much solid fat, added sugar, and refined grain. Salt consumption is almost as bad as sugar, with 90% of Americans consuming far more than is recommended.

Too Many Turn to Supplements As A Panacea
Thinking that taking a few pills will solve their problem, Americans have spurred the supplement industry toward geometric growth over the last few decades. According to the 2007 National Health Review Survey, 17.7% of people said they’d taken supplements within the last 12 months, with an earlier survey pointing to 53% of Americans taking at least one supplement in hopes of ameliorating the effects of poor diet and a lack of adequate exercise.

What Can Be Done To Address the Issue?
As the U.S. Food & Drug Administration continues to be influenced by the deep pockets of our nation’s food industry, the increasingly unhealthy population can’t rely on sensible reforms to help take them cut back on sugar, fat, and sodium. In truth, we could all do with a bit of personal responsibility. For now, the best way to extend our lives, avoid chronic disease, and feel better is to take sensible steps for ourselves. Turning to minimally processed foods, everything from soft cheeses to whole apples, will reduce our sugar, fat, and sodium intake. Getting off the couch and simply heading out for a half-hour walk each day could also have noticeable effects.

To lose one pound of body fat, you need to consume 3,500 less calories than you need to maintain your body weight. Bumping up your weekly activity while tightening the reins on your nutritional lifestyle will help you reach that deficit week after week. It’s hard work, but when the alternative is wheezing every time you stand up, or a life where you have to stab yourself with an insulin pen twice a day, which would you prefer?

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