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Healthy foods to bolster your weight management program


More Americans than ever before are struggling with the consequences of excess body fat, which has led health experts to spur a nation-wide endeavor to promote weight loss nationwide. These efforts focus on overweight individuals employing a variety of different weight management strategies ranging from daily fitness programs to dietary restrictions. While many of these approaches offer a pathway to a healthier lifestyle, studies indicate that specific methods may be more effective than others in the battle to curb weight gain.

Study: Men lose weight faster than women


Dropping excess body fat can be quite a struggle for many Americans. The process usually takes months of hard work and often involves a daily exercise regimen and some strict dietary restrictions. That is why many people in the U.S. choose to tackle their weight management with a partner or significant other who can provide the moral support necessary to see the endeavor through to the end goal - a slimmer, fitter body image. Unfortunately, we are all made differently, and some women might have noticed that their man seems to get better results in less time.

Best methods to improve direct selling strategies


In the modern world, everyone wants everything faster, better and easier. Innovations like the Internet have created a society centered around speed and efficiency, which has transformed the attitude of much of the world's populace. The U.S. economy that was once driven by mini-malls and big-block retailers is beginning to shift its focus to a more overarching direct selling strategy that eliminates the need for brick-and-mortar vendors. Now, immediate gratification is what folks are searching for, and direct selling strategies ensure that they get what they want or need in record time. This is especially true in the vitamin and supplement sector, where weight loss fads, trendy diets and hot new nutrition products change rapidly. Everyone needs the latest and greatest, so you better be ready to provide!

Study: Days of the week may play a role in weight fluctuations


The path toward a slimmer and healthier body image can be a difficult road to navigate for many overweight Americans. Trendy diets, fitness programs and shapewear are all popular choices to minimize the unflattering shape of excess body fat, but many find that the results of these methods vary considerably from person to person. While everyone's body is unique in its own right, you may be surprised to learn that weight fluctuations could be dependent on outside environmental factors, such as the days of the week, as well as personal lifestyle changes.

FDA plans big changes for food labels in 2014


Numerous individuals throughout the country carry around an excessive amount of body fat. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported more than one-third of American adults are overweight and have been for more than a decade.

Americans still struggling with weight management issues


Carrying around an excessive amount of body fat can lead to a variety of negative consequences, which is why many health experts in the U.S. are urging more of the populace to become proactive in the fight against weight gain. Still, a large percentage has yet to get the message. According to the results of a recent study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of Americans today are overweight. That figure has not dropped in more than a decade, which leaves researchers puzzled as to why our country's collective weight loss efforts have stalled during the past decade.

Supplement companies focus on a new demographic for joint health products


Most Americans would probably assume that joint issues fall into more elderly demographics of the nation's populace. It's true that many seniors struggle to maintain optimal joint health, but they aren't the only ones who experience joint issues.

Take a Load Off Your Joints


A little weight loss can make big difference on joint support and comfort. Losing just five pounds could help relieve almost 15 pounds of pressure on your joints, and that extra wear and tear over time that can lead to joint issues.

Demand for Garcinia cambogia continues to rise


Weight issues have become some of the most widespread health concerns among the American populace due to a number of negative effects excessive amounts of body fat can bring. That is why more individuals than ever before are beginning to utilize a variety of weight management supplements in an effort to drop some of the extra pounds that have collected around their waist, thighs, arms and midsection. While the market is flooded with different products all claiming to offer the "best" weight loss benefits, a few choice ingredients have established themselves as a cut above the rest. 

Medicus Research wins Nutrition Business Journal's Industry Achievement Award for Science


The natural health products industry has been steadily expanding over the past decade thanks to a growing number of consumers who are becoming more inclined to receive their daily dose of essential nutrients from dietary supplements. These products help patients combat the effects of numerous health conditions using a massive array of different substances and compounds from all over the world. Information sharing on the Internet has helped bring these
natural ingredients to the forefront of consumer consciousness, and allows a larger demographic to explore the positive benefits of dietary supplements more than ever before. 

One of the companies leading the study of new natural ingredients is Medicus Research, which recently obtained the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) 2013 Industry Achievement
Award for Science
. Medicus Research is a U.S.-based global contract research organization that specializes in the natural health products industry. The company was founded by Dr. Jay Udani, whose "Theory of Natural Health Product Clinical Trial Design" has helped revolutionize the way in which natural ingredients are analyzed. Udani's celebrated theory set the new industry standard by laying the foundation for pharmaceutical-level clinical trials that are well
suited for the unique demands of the natural products industry. This research model was one of the main reasons Medicus was selected for the NBJ's achievement award.

The NBJ Awards reflect the best companies in the industry, and rewards those who've demonstrated a commitment to expanding a market of healthy, educated consumers and
fostering a business environment that encourages sustainability. According to the NBJ editorial staff, Medicus exemplified these characteristics, and are helping the industry establish a sound framework of scientific evidence that supports the safety and efficacy of natural products. 

"We take great pride in spotlighting those individuals and organizations working to advance the cause of the industry," opined NBJ editor-in-chief Marc Brush. "We received close to 300 nominations this year. After careful vetting by our editorial staff and our advisory board, Dr. Udani's efforts rose to the top."

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