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10 Simple Rules To Turn Holiday Cooking Into Fitness

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Dec 07, 2014 @ 11:30 AM


t’s easy to spend a full day or more in the kitchen when holiday cooking is involved; it takes time and dedication to make that scrumptious meal to enjoy with friends and family! It can often be exhausting that a workout regimen can get pushed back for the kitchen time. But, we think you can get toned and propel weight loss during your holiday cooking by following these 10 rules. Grab a friend and turn this into a fun fitness game during cookie making, or recruit a family member to help with the dinner and keep you accountable.

10 rules to follow for a holiday cooking workout:

  1. Every time you start a timer, drop and do 10 push ups. We know timers are necessary to keep track of everything during holiday cooking, so add a bit of arm muscle with each timer set.
  2. Every time you measure with a spoon, alternate lifting one knee as high as you can and hold it up during measuring. This is a great way to promote the core and leg muscles during the prep time of holiday cooking.
  3. Every time you measure with a cup, alternate lift
    ing one leg behind you as high as you can during measuring. This will be awesome to work the core, lower back and glutes without the extra visit to the gym.
  4. Every time you need to grab something from a lower cupboard, squat with your chest up for an awesome leg and back exercise. We recommend wearing shoes during your holiday cooking workout for proper form.
  5. Every time you need to grab something from an upper cupboard, squat down, then stand up on your toes as high as you can before grabbing the item. This adds an extra tightening of the calf for an efficient leg workout.
  6. While using the mixer or hand mixing, alternate lifting one leg up to the side while pointing the whole foot. These leg lifts will really work your hip flexors and can help with mobility and flexibility as well. 
  7. During dishwashing, raise your heels up and down to work the calf muscles and tighten the abs to give the core an extra push. If you have a low sink, ho
  8. ld a squat position while raising and lowering the heels, be sure keep your back nice and straight.
  9. While using the stovetop, lean side to side with shoulders and hips square to work on the core while stretching out a bit. Slower is better with this one! 
  10. While waiting for the oven to heat up or cook, turn on some tunes and dance! Dancing is a great form of cardio exercise and a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.
  11. Keep a water bottle in a strategic part of the kitchen and take a sip every time you pass it. It’s important to stay hydrated to keep up the energy and promote muscle growth.

Holiday cooking is a great opportunity to fit in a little exercise to ward of the extra weight that can show up during the holidays. We also recommend taking a dose of Meratrim® twice a day to support holiday weight management.


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