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2 Important Parts of a Workout Journal

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 @ 09:46 AM


Tracking your workout progress in a journal is an effective way of focusing on your long-term goals. With a journal, you are able to refer to different workouts and notice how you have progressed from the beginning. A physical form of progression, besides your physique, is motivating and will inspire you to work toward your next goals.

However, starting a workout log, journal, or diary, whatever term you prefer, can be challenging. It is difficult to know what aspects are important to note. Here are the two necessities to starting your workout journal! Feel free to add any information that you would like, but these two aspects will make your workout journal a useful tool.

Your Work Out

You will want to keep and intricate record of each workout. For cardio, note what machine you used, the level of intensity or incline, your average pace, and the amount of time. If you are running outside, note the distance, time, average pace, and the route. The route is important to note for running outside as the terrain has an impact on the intensity of your workout.  

When you are weight lifting with machines or free weights, you will also want to keep details about your routine. Note what machines you used, the amount of weight utilized, and how many repetitions of each set that you completed.

How You Feel

Another important aspect of workout journaling is noting how you feel after your workout. Being able to refer to your physical comfort after different workouts will give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses.  

After a workout session, note how you feel. Check your pulse rate. Jot down how you feel mentally, do you feel more alert or do you feel drained? What is happening physically, do your legs feel like jello or do they feel sore? Documenting how you feel physically and mentally will be helpful when you modify future workouts.

Make notes about what exercises you enjoyed doing or didn't enjoy doing. If there is certain weight machine you tried and loved, write down why you enjoyed it!

Once you have been journaling for a couple weeks, looking back at how you felt will be an interesting comparison. In week one, you may have been exhausted and winded after your first cardio session, by the end of week two you maybe be feeling energized and stimulated by your workout! After seeing these changes, you will be ready to set a new goal! Writing down your progress, and seeing your physical progress laid out in front of you will feel very rewarding.

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