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4 Healthy Reasons to Shop Local

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, May 03, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

Shopping?! No, we aren’t talking about heading to the mall for that gorgeous pair of Mary Janes and that matching yellow sundress. But what we are talking about will help you look and feel great in that outfit: local grocery shopping! Just how can local grocery shopping benefit you and why is it becoming such a popular trend? Read on for our top four reasons why you should shop locally!


  1. Less Expensive - Local food means that processing, shipping, and handling don’t ramp up the price that you pay. Instead, you pay to support the farmers and agriculturalists in your community. Their bill is much lower because all of those extras are not tacked on. You save money that can be used for other healthy habits.

  1. Fewer Preservatives/Processing - If a food has been canned, boxed, or bagged, it’s had preservatives added to it. Even frozen foods often include a variety of man-made chemicals. But local food doesn’t need any of that because it’s delivered in a fraction of the time and is expected to be consumed more quickly. Even produce that is local has less hormones, chemicals, and insecticides that have been incorporated into its growth. Eating local groceries means consuming more natural substances.

  1. Supporting the Local Economy - By paying for local food, you’re giving back to the working men and women of your own community. It keeps money circulating through industry, entertainment, and each other layer of business. Eventually, that money comes back to you wherever you work. This is good for your emotional health, an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

  1. More Produce and More Flavor - You can really never get enough fruits and veggies. And most local food falls into the produce category. Depending on where you live, you might also benefit from local dairy and meats. Just be sure to choose lean and skinless meat. Fish and seafood, especially, are optimal choices for fueling your body. Not to mention that all local grown foods, produce or otherwise, are fresher and tastier. When healthy food tastes good, you’ll want to consume more of it!

Ultimately, buying local is beneficial to both your pocketbook and your overall well-being, which gets you into that sundress faster! Saying goodbye to frozen and preserved foods is a lifestyle choice. Stay strong when you go to the grocery store by sticking to a pre-planned list of items and only straying for healthy bargains. For instance, if watermelon is on sale this week but not on your list, it’s okay to spring for the wholesome, hydrating fruit! But two-for-one frozen pizzas are a no-go.

As you shop local, remember your weight management goals. Pair planned, healthy meals with a supplement like Meratrim®, which can help you reach your goals in as little as two weeks! Meratrim® is a combination of two plant extracts that work in conjunction to help you maintain a desired weight!

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