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4 Ways to Make Your "Diet" a Lifestyle

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Fri, Oct 16, 2015 @ 10:48 AM

If you have been in an unhealthy rut lately, a diet is not the answer. It is time to make a lifestyle change. You need to readjust the way you live to make healthier decisions for the long haul. This can be an overwhelming idea, but with time, healthy choices only become easier.  With these four tips, you will be able to approach healthy living with a positive attitude and make healthier choices on a regular basis.


Your body can only do what your mind can do. If you want to live healthier, a two-week diet will not be effective. You need to readjust your idea of “healthy” and incorporate those aspects into your life. Think about what you consume and how it is affecting you. Write down how different foods make you feel and how you feel overall before your lifestyle change. Being able to refer to your feelings and energy levels prior to healthy changes will help you stay motivated toward healthy goals.

There is a point in a weight loss journey or a lifestyle change that you will have to make the decision to be healthy long term. There will not be the frequent binges on junk food or trips through the drive through. Resolving to change your life by consuming a healthy diet is a huge decision, but once you officially decide to do it, putting it into action will be much easier.


Cleanse your house of all unnecessary foods that could potentially make you stray from your healthy lifestyle. Throwing them away will emotionally benefit you because you are making and acting on a choice. It will help you physically because it will get all of the harmful foods out of your space. A cleanse, or a purge, is a great way to confirm your healthy resolution with an action.

Move Around

Moving around and being more physically active is a huge part of a lifestyle change. You will find that once you start consuming more nutrient-dense food your energy levels will increase, and you will begin to crave exercise and movement in your life. Start slow by implementing extra steps on a regular basis. Walk to work, if you can. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Walk out for lunch rather than ordering food to the office. There are a lot of different ways to get moving throughout the day!


At the beginning of a weight loss journey, it can be motivating to view a diet as a “short term” change. It can be easier to stick to goals if you think you will be able to go back to your old habits in a couple of months, but that is not the case. Becoming a healthier person requires permanent changes to your lifestyle. If you approach your weight loss journey as a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet, you will be able to reach your goals and maintain a healthy life after the "diet" phase.

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