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4 Ways to Support Cardiovascular Health

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Nov 14, 2015 @ 03:06 PM


Supporting our heart and cardiovascular system will help us live a long and healthy life. Our heart is a pump that pushes blood to the tissues, organs, and cells of our body. The blood that is pushed carries oxygen and nutrients to each of our cells and cleans out toxins and carbon dioxide. Efficient circulation is vital to our well-being, lifespan, and quality of life. Learning how to support our cardiovascular health will help us live a healthier life overall. Here are four important factors that contribute to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

1) Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is very good for the heart. Eating a nourishing diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lean meat will ensure that we get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for a healthy cardiovascular system. Avoid processed food and foods that are high in sodium. These foods are not beneficial to the heart or our health, but instead they create toxins in the body. Our cardiovascular system has to work harder to get rid of the toxins, and keep us healthy. Research shows that a healthy diet helps prevent stroke and heart attacks.

2) Stay Active

A sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Moderate exercise, of thirty minutes each day, can improve the health of the heart. We should try going for a brisk walk or a bike ride each day.

Physical activity strengthens the cardiovascular system because it exercises the heart muscle and blood vessels. Exercise requires more blood to get to the muscles, so the heart is working more to pump blood. A stronger heart and stronger blood vessels mean better blood flow and blood pressure.

3) Healthy Weight

Getting on track toward a healthy weight or maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important for a healthy and strong cardiovascular system. A BMI below 25 is ideal. A healthy body weight allows the heart and cardiovascular system to circulate blood more easily and manage fluid efficiently. A healthy body weight also means that the heart can work at a comfortable pace.

4) Less Stress

Stress is directly related to increased risk of a heart attack. This is because stress hormones in the body narrow blood vessels. The narrowed blood vessels make the heart work harder to circulate blood, which increases the heartbeat. Limit stress with meditation, deep breathing exercises, massages, or yoga. Limited stress will lead to an improved mental state and a healthier heart.

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