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5 Activities to Get Moving This Spring

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Apr 19, 2016 @ 09:27 AM

bigstock-Gardener-planting-flowers-in-p-82466360_1.jpgSpring has sprung, and warm weather is finally here! It’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh, spring air. If you are looking for some new activities to take advantage of this beautiful season, here’s a list of 5 activities that range from easy to highly active. With these options, you’ll find an activity that works for your fitness level or can be modified to make it more intense.


Biking is a great, low-impact way to get some cardio exercise and burn calories. You can choose to take a leisurely ride around your neighborhood or travel to some scenic biking trails! The best part about biking is that you are in total control of the activity level. You can adjust your gear and speed to create an exercise level that is comfortable. TIP: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. For safety, avoid wearing sandals during a bike ride.


Hiking is another great way to burn calories and exercise your cardiovascular muscles. It is an easy way to get a total body workout. It does have a higher impact on the joints than biking does so be cautious if you experience joint discomfort. Ultimately, hiking is an amazing way to get out into nature and see beautiful scenery, and choosing hiking trails that are appropriate for your fitness level allows you to be in control of the exercise.


Gardening isn’t often thought to be a form of exercise, but it really gets your body moving. Gardening is a productive way to enjoy the spring air while improving the appearance of your property. With the amount of lifting, bending, and stretching you get while gardening, you’ll be able to get a full aerobic exercise!


Golf is a popular spring activity. It’s a great hobby to take up, if you’re interested in it! You can often find social golf outings to motivate you to visit the course more often. Golf can range from easy to moderate activity, but requires skill and practice to perform well.

Flying a Kite

Kite flying may seem like childhood entertainment, but flying a kite can be a fun, engaging moderate activity. Take your kids or grandkids out to the park and practice kite flying. Once the kite gets up in the air, it is a rewarding and fun activity.

By trying one or more of these five activities, you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy springtime. Any type of exercise is a great way to motivate your healthy lifestyle and encourage weight loss. For extra support on your weight loss journey, consider implementing Meratrim® into your daily regime. Meratrim® from InterHealth is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle. It has been studied in clinical trials and has been proven to help people reach their weight management goals in as little as two weeks.

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