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5 Motivating Reasons to Be Active Everyday

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Apr 23, 2016 @ 09:34 AM

5_reasons_active.pngAre you looking for a little extra motivation and encouragement on your journey toward a healthy lifestyle? We all have our moments of weakness, when being active and eating right seems too challenging. When you think about all the benefits of living well, the challenge seems worth it! Here are five motivating reasons to be active everyday and continue working toward a healthy lifestyle.

Reason 1: You will have more energy overall.

When you are active, you feel more energized throughout the day! During a workout, you are moving your muscles and promoting blood flow in your body, which increases the oxygen in your working muscles. The oxygen, blood flow, and temporarily increased metabolic rate gives you more energy during exercise and afterward! So when you are feeling sluggish, push yourself to get active. Even a brisk walk around the block can improve your energy levels.

Reason 2: Managing weight is easier.

Having an active lifestyle makes weight management much easier. It is true what they say, “every little bit counts.” Taking the stairs, walking from the back of the parking lot, taking a longer walk with your dog, really can make differences in weight management. Making conscious choices to add steps and activity to your day will improve your health and wellness.

Reason 3: You will have improved cognitive function.

Your brain and body work together. Being active increases blood flow to your body and also your brain. This increased blood flow and oxygen will make you more alert and focused during cognitive tasks. Mental strength is an amazing benefit of a healthy lifestyle.

Reason 4: You will feel stronger and more confident.

When it doubt, remember how much strength and confidence you’ve gained since starting to make healthy and active choices. Sometimes remembering how you used to feel when you were living a more sedentary lifestyle can motivate you to continue living more actively. You’ll notice that you can run longer distances, lift more weight, and wear those jeans that used to be a bit too snug. Stay motivated for healthy living by acknowledging your progress in strength and confidence.

Reason 5: Live a fuller life.

By choosing to be active over sedentary, you will live a life richer in experiences. With improved confidence, strength, energy, and mental ability, you will be able to take on each day with energy and excitement, opening every day up for adventures.

To support your healthy lifestyle in another way, try taking a supplement that includes LOWAT®. LOWAT® from InterHealth can help you reach your weight management goals, helping you feel continually motivated for healthy living.

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