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5 Signs You Need to Change Up Your Workout Routine

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Nov 01, 2015 @ 06:46 AM

Having a steady workout routine is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But, what can often occur after several weeks or months is the routine stagnates. Do you find yourself wanting more from your workout? Is something not quite right, but you’re not sure what? Well, before you jump back into your old routine, here are 5 signs you need to change up your workout routine:

  • You get bored. One of the more obvious reasons you need to change up your workout routine is boredom. Boredom can happen before you know it. Whether you get bored of being in the gym, outside, in your home, or are bored of the routine itself, it is important to find a way out of the rut. Swap the order of your routine, add a new exercise, take a class, find a workout buddy, etc.
  • You’ve stopped feeling the burn. Once this happens, you have likely plateaued in your workout routine. In order to get a better workout, you’ll need to make some changes! Our bodies are very good at adjusting and after a while, the same activity becomes easy and requires little effort. Increase reps, add weight, add miles to your run, insert sprints, try a new workout class, etc. There are so many choices!
  • You have one machine you go to at the gym every time. If you go to the same machine in the same spot every time you visit the gym, it is time to change up your workout routine. There are so many interesting and fun ways to workout, why limit yourself? Challenge yourself to try one new workout a week for a month, and then choose one to add to your regular workout routine moving forward.
  • You are overtired after your workout. The need to change up your workout is just as important when you overwork your body as when you underwork it. Our bodies need periods of rest and restoration between intense workouts in order to properly build strength and endurance without fatigue. If you find yourself more and more tired as you exercise, take a moment to reevaluate your workout routine. Should you add an additional rest day or switch out a more intense workout for something less draining? Find a routine that keeps you working hard without overdoing it and causing burnout.
  • You have one area of your body that is much stronger than the rest. Most of us have preferred workouts, though not all of them are comprehensive. If you only bike or run, your upper body will be significantly weaker than your lower body. Or, if you only lift weights and never do cardio exercises, you’ll be lacking in endurance. Both balance and variety are key when choosing a workout routine. Find a way to work in strength, cardio, flexibility, and agility training at some point during the week, even if just a little bit. You must start somewhere!

Changing up your workout routine on a regular basis will be a good way to stay fresh and motivated to exercise. You’ll be able to discover new workouts, develop new skills, and become healthier and stronger! If you are looking for support in weight loss management, consider taking a dietary supplement that contains 7-Keto®. 7-Keto® is a non-stimulant metabolite that has been shown to support weight loss 2.9x better than placebo.

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