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5 Tips to Resist Late-Night Cravings

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Mon, May 04, 2015 @ 06:00 PM


After a long day of work, cooking dinner, and cleaning up the house, it can be nice to relax and watch a favorite TV show or movie with the family. But this kind of activity can bring out those pesky late-night cravings that make weight management even more difficult. How do your curb the desire? Follow these five tips!

  1. Listen to Your Body - First, you must determine whether you are craving a food for taste or because your body is telling you that it’s hungry. Oftentimes, we get the two mixed up or entangle them and the result is snacking on sugary treats rather than fulfilling nutrients or calories that your body may be lacking.

  1. Sweet-Tooth Support - Sticking to your dietary plan can be tough with sweet-tooth cravings, but it’s even more difficult if those around you are eating things like ice cream, warm chocolate brownies, and mountains of candy. Make sure that you have your family and friends behind you. Lay down the “law” of your plan and encourage others to follow it with you! It can also be helpful to keep healthy alternatives around in case you encounter a weak moment.

  1. Safe Foods - Depending on your specific diet, there are foods that are safe to eat later at night. Proteins are generally safe and filling. For instance, you might eat a handful of pecans or a hard-boiled egg. As a rule, try to leave at least two hours to digest food before bed.

  1. Well-Balanced Meals - If you give enough to your body throughout the day, you won’t feel that pang of hunger that leads to poor habits at night. Make sure you plan three solid meals with little healthy snacks in-between. If you can’t find time to plan and prep meals in the morning, do it the day before.

  1. Take a Short Walk - Studies have shown that a fifteen minute walk in your neighborhood or on the treadmill can reduce or completely eliminate junk food cravings, especially for chocolate. So instead of foraging in your cupboards, go outside and enjoy the stars and some fresh air!

Resisting late-night cravings has a lot to do with planning ahead. Plan a meal schedule to keep your hunger under control, know which foods are okay to snack on and eat later in the evening, and make sure to talk to your friends and family about the importance of what you’re trying to accomplish. The rest is about listening to your body and providing it with a bit of exercise when needed!

For added help in your weight management goals, try adding a supplement like Meratrim® to your diet. Meratrim has been proven to be a safe and effective when added to a healthy diet and fitness routine. With the help of Meratrim you can maintain a healthy body weight and stay on track to your personal road to success.

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