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5 Ways Music Improves Your Workout

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Sep 12, 2015 @ 09:01 AM

Did you know that songs and tempos can have an effect on the energy you exert during a workout? Studies have found that music that makes you feel happy and energized will adjust the way your brain addresses physical fatigue from a workout, helping you push through to the end of your exercise. Here’s why!

Music Is Energizing

When you listen to those feel-good tunes, your brain is more likely to be engaged and energized in activity, and your body will respond to that activity with the urge to move. Do you know that feeling when you just need to dance? The same effect happens when you hear great music during a workout session, but you can translate the dancing energy into workout energy.

Music Affects Your Mood

Songs that are mood elevating are great for exercise. When you’re feeling well and motivated, you’re more likely to push yourself into a great workout. Songs that you emotionally associate with happy or exciting moments in life are the best to listen to when you exercise. You’ll start to associate those feelings with your workout!

Music Can Set A Pace

Music with a different BPM (beat per minute) will help set the pace of your exercise. Many runners use different tempos to learn to set a marathon pace for themselves or find their comfortable pace for long distance running. The faster the tempo, the faster you will move.

Music Is A Distraction

A good distraction! It allows you to focus on something other than your body. With your mind listening to the music and your body reacting to the beat, your workout will feel shorter, and you will feel less fatigued.

Music Can Help You Go Longer

With music as a distraction, it’s that much easier to stay motivated and have fun. Listening to that one great song might encourage you to exercise until the end of the song, fitting in a few more reps or a bit more distance. If you have a great playlist going, you may want to workout until the end of your entire playlist!

Music, overall, can be extremely motivating! You just need to find the right songs with the accurate BPM’s for your exercise. Stay motivated knowing that good music will get you through your workout and that you’ll be feeling full of energy afterward. For even more workout support, consider adding UC-II® to your healthy regimen. This natural, safe, and effective supplement has been clinically studied to support comfort, flexibility, and mobility.


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