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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Jun 09, 2016 @ 02:30 PM

5_Ways_to_Get_Your_Kids_to_Eat_Healthier.jpgAs parents, we want our children to be healthy, live well, feel good, and grow into healthy and happy adults. It is our responsibility as parents to impart knowledge on our children. Knowledge of food, fitness, and health is extremely important, especially in today’s society where unhealthy food is available everywhere, and good choices are hard to come by. We have 5 strategies that will help your kids understand the importance of healthy food and will encourage them to make healthy choices even if you aren’t around to guide them.

1) Explain food and how it works within their bodies.

Explaining to your children the importance of healthy food and how it interacts with systems in the body will help them realize why they should want to make healthy choices. Even in the face of temptation, making healthy choices is rewarding if your kids know why they are making those choices. Talk to them about nutrients for a healthy brain, bones, skin, and energy. Remind them that healthy things improve the body, where unhealthy things can give them stomach aches or make them feel sick over time.

2) Make cooking fun.

If your kids like to help in the kitchen, engage them in food prep! You can have them help wash vegetables, cut produce (if they can handle a knife), sort fruit, etc. Let them help wherever they can. Having hands-on experience with food will help them later in life when they are learning to navigate the kitchen on their own.

3) Limit treats in the house.

An easy way to promote healthy lifestyles is to limit the access to sugary foods within your home. Without regular consumption, people don’t crave sugar. Sugar addiction is a real problem; limiting the intake at home will reduce the likelihood of your children craving sugar at school or at friend’s houses.

4) Have filling snacks to take on-the-go.

If your kids participate in extracurriculars, be sure to have yummy, filling snacks for them to take on-the-go. You can pack a nut mix with dried berries, carrots with hummus, or homemade energy bars. Having satiating snacks on hand will limit your child’s need to purchase junk food from vending machines for a quick snack to refuel.

5) Create healthy lunches.

The lunch program at some schools can be rather disappointing. Take a look at the lunch menu at your school. If the food options are not up to your standards, begin prepping lunches for your children to take to school. You can have your kids help you with this too. They will like knowing what they are eating at school every day. If they can pick what they get to eat, that’s even better!

Implementing these five strategies will certainly help your child live a healthier life. They will understand the importance of food and its relationship with the body at a young age, which will help as they transition into independent adults. If you are also working toward living a healthy lifestyle, consider implementing a suitable supplement that contains Super Citrimax® from InterHealth. Learn more about it.

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