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6 Foods to Kick Out of Your Kitchen

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 @ 09:19 AM

bigstock-White-And-Brown-Rice-33247883We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” We try our best to not eat fast food, and keep the kitchen full of nutritious food, but what if the groceries in our cabinets aren’t as healthy as we think? Could the food in your pantry be sabotaging your fitness goals? Here’s our list of foods we recommend you kick out of your kitchen for good!

1. White Pasta

Loaded with carbohydrates and not much of anything else, white pasta should be one of the first things to go. During the refining process, white pasta is stripped of almost all positive nutrition, leaving you with empty calories. Instead, swap it out for whole grain pasta, quinoa, or couscous.

2. Canned Corn

Corn is a vegetable, why would we suggest it get the boot? When it comes to nutrition, corn is not the best choice as it is high in starch and doesn’t offer much nutritional value whatsoever. Instead, opt for veggies that pack more nutrition such as green beans or peas!

3. White Rice

Just like with pasta, white rice is stripped of most nutrients during the refining process. It’s digested quickly, causing a blood sugar spike which ultimately leads to fat storage. We recommend you swap white rice out, and replace it with brown or wild rice. Your taste buds won’t notice a big difference, and the nutrition factor is greatly increased!

4. Pretzels

How can a common “fat-free” household snack be on this list? The truth is pretzels hold very little positive nutrition and are high in sodium. Their lack of fiber and protein make it easy to go through multiple servings and still feel unsatisfied. Kick the craving with a few whole grain crackers and a small serving nut butter. The fiber and healthy fat content is a great snack combination and will leave you feeling satisfied!

5. White/Multi-Grain Bread

With zero whole-grains and up to 100 calories per slice, a loaf of white bread would actually serve better as a pillow than nourishment. Perhaps you are beginning to see the pattern? Typically foods labeled as “white” have been processed and refined to the point of having virtually no nutritional value left besides carbohydrates and sodium. Keep in mind that bread labeled as “multi-grain” are often still lacking nutrition. Next trip to the grocery store, pass on the white or multi-grain bread and opt for 100% whole-grain wheat or rye bread!

6. Trail Mix

When purchased at the store, trail mix is generally packed with excess sugar, making this snack far less nutritious than you may think. In a standard quarter-cup serving of trail mix, you can expect to consume up to 18 grams of sugar! Instead, make your own trail mix at home with some unsalted nuts, seeds, and a little dried fruit!

Eating at home is generally far healthier than eating out, but it’s still important to be mindful of the foods in the pantry. Learning what foods to swap out can make a world of difference in your fitness plan. For an extra advantage, add a natural supplement like 7-Keto® to your routine! 7-Keto® is a metabolite that has been extensively studied for various benefits including weight, metabolic rate, memory and others. It has been shown to maintain metabolic rate when dieting, resulting in significant weight loss!

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