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6 Morning Swaps for Better Health

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Oct 31, 2015 @ 11:33 AM

When it’s time for breakfast, what do you typically consume? The food and beverages that you consume in the morning set the tone for the entire day. Many popular choices are loaded with sugar and provide very little nutrition. Save yourself from excess calories and the inevitable sugar crash by swapping out these sugary breakfast choices for delicious, more healthy options.

  • Orange juice has always been a popular compliment to breakfast. It seems that every breakfast food commercial features a tall glass of orange juice. The problem is that like many other fruit juices, store-bought orange juice is loaded with added sugar that often contributes to a mid-morning crash. Instead, pour a tall glass of ice water and drop in a few pieces of your favorite fruit. This beverage will quench your morning thirst, fulfill your fruit craving, and save you from over 100 calories!
  • Breakfast cereal is often misconceived as a healthy breakfast option. The issue with most breakfast cereal is that they notoriously harbor loads of sugar without offering many nutrients. Swap out that sugary breakfast cereal and opt for a bowl of plain oatmeal with a few blueberries or strawberries. Your appetite will be satisfied longer, which will keep you from snacking through the morning.
  • With a gourmet coffee shop on every corner, frappuccinos have become a morning favorite for many people. Did you know that these drinks can have up to 500 calories? That’s more than many people have for an entire breakfast. Instead, try making a delicious iced coffee at home! Brew your favorite coffee, pour it over ice, and add a serving of plain or vanilla almond milk for a delicious morning beverage at a fraction of the calories.
  • Donuts are essentially a miniature cake for breakfast. They contain an incredible amount of sugar and provide virtually no nutritional value. Instead of reaching for a donut, try a toasted English muffin with a small serving of peanut butter or almond butter. This swap will increase your protein while dramatically reducing your sugar and calorie intake.
  • Breakfast pastries may be convenient, but they’re far from healthy. Instead of reaching for a package of strawberry flavored toaster pastries, enjoy a piece of whole wheat toast with a few slices of fresh strawberries.
  • Yogurt has a reputation for being a great source of valuable nutrients and for the most part that’s correct. Many brands, however, are loaded with extra sugar just like many breakfast cereals. Get more out of your morning by swapping your flavored yogurt for plain Greek yogurt. Plain Greek yogurt is loaded with protein and comes with far less sugar. To add flavor and even more nutrition, drop in a few blueberries!

A healthy breakfast sets the tone for the entire day. Starting the day off with a balanced breakfast can help you stay full and start the day on the right path. In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, health supplements including Meratrim® can help you see fitness results in as little as two weeks. Try SLIMit® with Meratrim® and start seeing results!

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