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7 Tips for Fall Running Safety

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Oct 09, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Fall_Running_Safety.jpgAs the summer cools into fall, you might feel the urge to lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement. It’s a solid outlet for stress as well as a way to burn off those extra holiday calories!

But running, especially alongside traffic, can be dangerous. As the season continues, the days shorten and darkness falls sooner. Not to mention unpredictable weather changes, holiday traffic, and exploring new running paths. Take advantage of the great weather while staying safe with these seven fall running tips!
  1. Visibility - When running at any time of year, being seen by drivers and bicyclists is key. The general rule is to assume you are invisible while doing everything in your power to increase visibility. Always opt for sidewalks, paths, and trails when possible. Otherwise, move to the shoulder of the road when cars approach. In addition, wear bright and/or reflective clothing.
  2. Leave Word - Before you set out, leave a note or tell someone you live with where you are headed and approximately how long you’ll be gone. This preventative method helps to ensure your safe return.
  3. Avoid High Risk Times - Drivers tend to be less attentive and aware in the early morning and late night hours. In addition, the dim light of dusk and dawn can make it more difficult for them to see you. Avoid running at these times.
  4. Set a Safe Course - Know the area(s) where you’ll be running. Plan out alternative routes in case the original is blocked. Pay attention to cars that might slow down or anyone who might follow you. Divert from those potential dangers and seek a public venue if you feel threatened.
  5. Face Traffic - By running on the left side of the road, you face oncoming traffic. Thus, you’re able to see what’s headed your way and anticipate how best to stay safe.
  6. Carry Your Phone - Having your phone on hand in case of emergency can provide you peace of mind. It also enables you to respond to unexpected situations, including delays that might make you late somewhere.
  7. Unplug - Even though you should carry your phone, that doesn’t mean playing games or texting while running. Limit distractions while on the road; this includes having your phone off/on mute and listening to music with only one earbud.

Ready to run? This fall, carry these seven running tips with you so that you can enjoy the changing leaves and cool breezes in safety!

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