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9 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Wed, Oct 21, 2015 @ 01:00 PM


When trying to lose weight, cutting calories is one of the best ways to help achieve results. By simply finding ways to cut 100 calories at a time adds up over time and is much easier than you may think. Take a look at these 9 easy ways to cut 100 calories!

  1. Enjoy an open-faced sandwich. When building your perfect sandwich masterpiece, refrain from adding the top piece of bread. Your sandwich will still taste delicious, but with up to 100 fewer calories.

  2. Cut the soda. Are you an avid soda drinker? The American Heart Association recommends that you get no more than 450 calories from sugary beverages, but still many people do. The average can of soda ranges from 140–180 calories. If you typically drink a least one can per day, cut one serving per day, and the saved calories will add up!

  3. Skip the alcohol. A glass of wine or small serving of alcohol may be your go-to at the end of a long day, but if you are looking to cut out calories, alcohol is one option to cut.

  4. Skip the sugary fruit juice. On the surface, fruit juice appears to be healthy, but the reality is that it harbors mass amounts of added sugar. Instead of a glass of orange juice, opt for a tall glass of water. If you are craving the orange flavor, eat an orange! You’ll easily save at least 100 calories!

  5. Grill your chicken. Instead of battered and fried chicken, opt for skinless grilled chicken. With the right seasoning, you can enjoy a delicious meal with far fewer calories.

  6. Ditch the alfredo sauce. Skip the creamy, white alfredo sauce and use red marinara sauce on your whole-wheat pasta instead.

  7. Swap out the tortilla chips. Instead of reaching for chips with your salsa, use celery sticks instead! Celery will still give you the crunch that you desire, but without any of the calories. That’s right—celery has virtually zero calories!

  8. Do you want fries with that? French fries contain a large amount of fat and calories. When heading out to a local restaurant for lunch, ask for a baked potato, or better yet, a side of veggies instead of fries.

  9. Choose the right dessert. You don’t need to give up dessert altogether, you just need to choose the right one! Instead of ice cream, try plain Greek yogurt with fruit. You will curb your sweet tooth, cleanse your palate, and save yourself from well over 100 calories!

Cutting calories doesn’t mean that you have to cut out everything you enjoy. Making small changes and food swaps can make a huge difference over time. By finding ways to cut 100 calories every day, you can opt out of over 36,000 calories per year! In addition to a healthier diet and exercise, a supplement that includes 7-Keto® can help you achieve the weight loss results you are trying to accomplish!

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