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A Product with  UC-II® Will Support Your Joints

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Dec 03, 2015 @ 09:55 AM


According to a report from ConsumerReports.org, several products on the market that intend to support healthy joints failed to meet their ingredient claims. The article states that in 2012, U.S consumers spent $753 million on health supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin. These ingredients work together to relieve pain and increase the mobility of joints that are suffering from stiffness and arthritis. ConsumerReports.org ran tests on 16 commonly purchased supplements and found that only seven of the sixteen products contained the amount of chondroitin that it had claimed to contain. From the report, we learn that many supplement companies are claiming their products have a certain quantity of ingredients that they do not. It is important to use caution when purchasing new supplements.

InterHealth is a reliable and trustworthy source of effective, safe, and quality ingredients. InterHealth believes that quality starts from the beginning. InterHealth ingredients are based on scientific research for safety and efficacy. Uncompromised quality is our guarantee

InterHealth has created UC-II®. UC-II® is an ingredient derived from the cartilage of chicken sternum. UC-II® contains collagen with undenatured type II collagen that supports joint health. UC-II® is completely manufactured and sourced in the United States. InterHealth has put UC-II® to the test by having it studied in a randomized, placebo-controlled, and double-blind experiment. The study was conducted on 186 subjects for 180 days. It has been proven to show an increase in joint comfort and mobility.

When it comes to your health and supplementation, be sure to choose products that offer high quality, effective ingredients. InterHealth promises to back up our claims with scientific research and scientifically tested products.

Alongside a product containing UC-II®, there are additional ways to improve your joint health. If you are experiencing joint discomfort or stiffness, implement some the following tips and activities into your daily life.

  • Routine exercise helps keep joints lubricated and can help you avoid stiffness. A great way to do this is to take a brisk 30-minute walk each day or put some time in on the elliptical.
  • For severe joint pain, specifically for knee discomfort consider supporting your weight with a cane or a crutch.
  • Weight loss, if needed, can also benefit one’s joints and their comfort. Consider implementing a weight loss supplement from InterHealth into your lifestyle or modify your diet and exercise for successful weight loss.
  • A massage has also been shown to help with sore joints and joint discomfort. Talk with your doctor or masseuse to set up an appointment.

Ultimately, UC-II® is an effective, safe, and high-quality ingredient to help you find joint comfort. With joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility you will experience new joy and simplicity in everyday activities. Learn more about InterHealth and the supplements that contain UC-II®.

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