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Adding Reps to Maximize Your Daily Routine

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Nov 08, 2016 @ 09:03 AM

Adding Reps.jpgEvery day, you work hard to take care of your family. From making meals to working full-time, cleaning, and doing other house chores, it’s difficult to find time to run to the gym. Your own health is just as important as everyone else in your family, and it shouldn’t be neglected but you can’t create more time. So, what do you do?

Add reps! You might be wondering where to add reps when you don’t get to the gym at all. The truth is that every daily household chore you complete has a physical component. To transform every chore into an effective workout, all it takes is some movement exaggeration and an addition of reps. Take a look below for examples!

  • Laundry Lifts - Make your laundry day a little more interesting by squatting and lifting the basket over your head as you stand. Do this squat-lift move ten times every time you pick up or put down the basket.
  • Vacuum Lunges - Ever pretend to sing into the vacuum as you clean? Make it a rock ‘n roll show! Step out with a leg, using the same side hand to push the vacuum forward. Bend that front leg but keep the back leg straight. Then recover your leg and lunge with the vacuum on the other side.
  • Desk Presses - While sitting at your desk, press both palms up against the desktop from below, allowing the desk to act as resistance. Hold for five seconds, then release. (Note: Be careful! You might be stronger than your desk is heavy!)
  • Phone Leg Lifts - When calling to pay bills, make appointments, or just chatting with a friend, sit on the edge of a chair and place one foot flat below you. Extend the other leg and lift it up and down until fatigued, then switch legs.
  • Play Plank - Taking a break to play with the kids or pet? If you get down on the floor to wrestle around, let your kids or dog add resistance to a standard plank. Or let your little ones ride around on you while crawling on your hands and knees. It’s actually a tough workout!

As these moves show, you don’t need fancy equipment, a gym, or even much extra time to fit in some daily exercise and help achieve your personal fitness goals!

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