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Snuggle In! How to Prep for Your Best Night of Sleep

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 08:15 AM


Sleep, energy, mood, and health are all interconnected. If you’re missing one of them, the rest are impacted. Likewise, strengthening one of these lifestyle components will strengthen the others. In this case, we focus on sleep. Many people struggle to sleep for different reasons including stress, an inconstant schedule, poor eating habits, visual stimulation late at night, and simple discomfort.

It’s time to eliminate bad habits and get down to the nitty gritty of how to prep for a good night of sleep. In fact, if you follow these simple recommendations, you could be settling in for the best night(s) of sleep you’ve ever had! Are you ready to discover a whole new you that is more positive, energetic, and healthier? Then consider taking the steps outlined here:


  1. Set the Mood (Lighting) - Light from standard lamps and bulbs send a signal to the brain, telling it to stop producing melatonin (a hormone that regulates sleep). Change out your bedside lamp bulb with a filtered LED. It’ll produce the same amount of light but will filter out the blue light that keeps you awake. Plus, LED bulbs last 50x longer.
  2. Sleep Socks - You’ve probably heard that a warm bath can help you relax by increasing the blood flow to your extremities. Similarly, a loose and soft pair of socks can also produce this effect, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  3. The Right Eyemask - If you go to bed when the sun hasn’t set or with street lamps outside, light sneaks in around your curtain. That’s where an eye mask comes in, helping your body recognize the time to sleep. But many eye masks can press into your eyes, preventing normal eye movement during REM sleep. Invest in a raised eye mask or an eye mask with eye cavities for the ultimate sleep tool.
  4. Humidifier - Do you wake up with a sore throat or dry nose, eyes, and skin? Dry air can even induce snoring and sleep apnea. Introduce a humidifier to your room to regulate the moisture level in the air.
  5. A Cool Breeze - Many people claim to be warm while sleeping or to wake in the middle of the night sweating. One solution would be to open a window and let in a cool breeze. However, doing so allows outside noise into your room. Studies have shown that disruptive noises during sleep affect appetite-regulating hormones, thereby increasing the accumulation of belly fat. Instead, turn on a fan. The hum of the blades will drown out other noises. If you sleep cool, simply turn the fan to face a wall.
  6. Notebook at the Ready - If worry or meticulous planning for the next day or week keeps you up at night, keep a notebook near your bed. When those pesky thoughts arise, write it all down so that you can let it go and rest more easily.
  7. Good Food - Eating the right foods for dinner make a huge difference in your sleep. Fast foods like a burger and fries make your digestive system work extra hard (keeping you up). Instead, avoid saturated fats and eat more lean protein and complex carbs.


If you already sleep pretty well and your mood could be improved or if you’d like a mood boost on top of better sleep, we recommend Relora®. Relora® has been studied and proven to give a significant mood boost, and it comes in a water-soluble form for convenient use. Try these sleep tips and incorporate products with Relora® into your healthy lifestyle today!

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