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Dr. Oz recommends Garcinia cambogia

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 12:56 PM

In a recent episode featuring healthy ways to improve weight management plans, "The Dr. Oz Show" gave one of the plant extracts offered by Interhealth Nutraceuticals a mention by promoting what he called a "magic ingredient" - Garcinia cambogia, a plant grown in southeast Asia that may be helpful in a weight loss plan, combined with diet and exercise.

Although Garcinia cambogia has been growing in these regions for centuries, the health benefits of this ingredient are just recently entering the spotlight. Dr. Oz recommended ingesting Garcinia cambogia for two reasons:

1. The ingredient may block fat and suppress appetite. By inhibiting an enzyme that your body uses to turn carbohydrates into fat cells, the process of weight gain is slowed and in turn, makes your feel fuller.

2. Dr. Oz concluded that this compound is great for emotional eaters as well, since this ingredient also showed an increase in seratonin levels that improve mood levels and aid healthy sleeping patterns.

Garcinia cambogia is showing great promise for many. According to The Dr. Oz Show, the average person taking hydroxycitric acid (HCA) - the active compound in Garcinia cambogia - was able to lose up to four pounds a month. Paired with diet and exercise, some participants were able to double or even triple their weight loss results.

Take it from Dr. Oz - if you want to lose weight and suppress your appetite, weight management supplements with high-quality ingredients like Garcinia cambogia may help you improve your figure and and lead a healthier lifestyle. With a balanced diet and moderate exercise, this natural extract could be a great way to meet your weight loss goals more efficiently. InterHealth offers Super CitriMax brand Garcinia cambogia.

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