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3 Ways to “Eat Sweet” Without the Sugar

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Mon, Jun 02, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Sugar and healthThe United States has a sugar problem. On average, each American citizen eats 56 pounds of pure, white sugar every year. Simply put, sugar is not very good for you. It decays your teeth and creates unhealthy peaks and troughs in your natural level of insulin. Why do we eat so much of it if it’s bad for us?

One answer is that sugar is addictive. The more of it you eat, the more you want to keep eating it. It is also responsible for a lot more unhealthy weight gain than the fat we eat. It can be incredibly hard to stop when it’s a vital part of so many of the foods we like to eat.

In order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight level, however, it’s vital to find ways to eliminate the sugar from your diet. Here are three ways you can still “eat sweet” without having so much refined sugar in your diet.

1. Lay off the soda

One of the main sources of sugar in the American diet is soda. We drink a lot of Coke, Pepsi and every other kind of soda, and they are all packed with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. In order to start eating healthily, you will have to stop drinking so much soda. Instead of going “cold turkey,” it’s a good idea to find a different drink to replace your soda with.

Consider making pitchers of iced tea with only a little sugar mixed in. Or, switch over to drinking fresh-squeezed apple or carrot juice. There are many drinks that still taste sweet without being full of processed sweeteners.

2. Figure out where sugar is hiding

Many of the regular foods we eat contain sugar, but we don’t even realize it. Everything from dried cranberries to ready-made barbecue beef (just heat and serve) can contain surprising levels of sugar. The companies that make these foods have conditioned our taste buds to think that many foods should taste sweeter than they actually do. So, you have to do a little detective work and figure out where sugar is hiding.

By finding and eliminating foods with secret, added sugar, you will be free to have that occasional slice of homemade apple pie without feeling so guilty about it.

3. Eat a lot more fruit

Fruit is nature’s candy. Oranges, strawberries and peaches are all naturally-growing fruits that pack a sweet punch. The sugar in these fruits occurs naturally, however, so it’s a lot better for your body than the processed stuff. If you get used to eating fruit whenever you have a sugar urge, your taste buds will soon reject the fake stuff  and you’ll find yourself heading for the fruit trees far more often.
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