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Does Water Help You Lose Weight?

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Splashing water in combination with Meratrim for weightloss.Everyone knows to drink water. It’s a simple human impulse, and it’s the basis of everything we drink, of course. Even if you think you live off of Red Bull and coffee, it’s the water that your body still vitally needs and wants, and most of us just aren’t drinking enough.

In addition to the simple health benefits of staying hydrated, water can also help you lose weight. Here are several ways it does so.

Helping you feel full

When most of us get hungry, we’ll reach for almost anything to fill ourselves up. This leads to making poor dietary choices such as eating sugary foods or meals that are high in empty carbs. Water can actually help you feel full and counteract this behavior.

The idea is simple: the more water you drink, the faster you can fill up your stomach and give it more of a “full” feeling. This can lead to eating less at every meal and negating the urge to eat foods that aren’t good for you.

Keeping you from drinking too many calories

When you’re thirsty, you have a lot of options to reach for. You could buy a 24 pack of Coke to satisfy yourself every time you get thirsty, but you’ll be adding a lot of sugar to your diet at the same time. This is a lot of calories that your body doesn’t need while you’re trying to lose weight.

By drinking more water, you won’t have as many strong urges to drink soda and other beverages that aren’t good for you.

Burning more calories

There is another way that water helps with the calories you ingest. Research has shown that it helps your body burn calories faster. Burning calories is at the basis of all weight loss. You have to use them up faster than your body is taking them in if you want excess weight to go away. Drinking more water actually increases the speed at which your body burns up those calories.

You also don’t even have to drink eight glasses of water a day to do it. After all, many of us already aren’t drinking nearly eight glasses. There isn’t much research that actually says you need that much. In fact, after having only a little over two glasses, your body’s metabolic rate can increase by 30%. That’s a lot of extra calories burned!

After a year of drinking more water, your body can lose pounds of weight just from the water. When added to working out and eating right, you create a potent combination for weight loss and increased health.

A supplement to wash down with water

While drinking water can help a lot, it can’t make you lose weight all by itself. Any diet plan needs several components to be successful, and Meratrim should be part of yours. It’s a nutritional supplement made from natural fruit and flower extracts, and it can help contribute to faster weight loss than you’d achieve just by dieting and exercising alone. Check it out today!

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