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Why You Should Exercise With Friends

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Fri, Aug 08, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

friends exercising for funThere are many reasons that adults find it difficult to get outside and start exercising.

It’s very easy to talk ourselves out of getting up and getting active, and as a result we spend far too much time indoors and on the couch.

In order to combat this all-too-natural lethargy, friends can often be the best medicine for getting started and continuing your exercise regimen.

Starting to exercise

Many adults don’t get the exercise they need because they never start exercising in the first place! This is a problem of motivation, and friends can be the best motivation of all. Talk to your friends and find out which ones are like-minded in their desire to start getting active. Create a workout plan together, and then get each other to stick to it! Nothing helps like a well-intentioned guilt trip phone call from your best friend.

None of us like to let our friends down, so having a group to exercise with can push you over the edge into exercising when you might normally think up excuses not to.

Fighting self-doubt

As you start working out, you might realize that it’s harder than your expected or that you’re not as in shape as you thought you were. Self-doubt might creep in, and it can hurt your chances of continuing to exercise. By working out with friends, you can encourage each other and keep those nagging doubts at bay.

Just by running or cycling alongside a friend, there is someone that can help you in two ways. The first is by giving you a standard of comparison. When you see that your friend is struggling, too, but continuing to work and keep going, it can help you see that you should, too. The second way they can help is by giving you vitally-needed words of encouragement during the uphill sections of your run or ride that would otherwise seem insurmountable.

Having more fun

Exercising alone simply isn’t as much fun as doing it with a group. When you are by yourself, you often have to think of ways to entertain yourself while you repeat exercises that you might have done a hundred times before. Exercising with your friends means that you can talk, make jokes and encourage each other to keep on going.

When you have friends to exercise with, it’s simply more fun than exercising alone. Trying to work out by yourself can mean watching every minute slowly tick by, but when you exercise with friends you’ll wonder where the time went.

A bonus to slimming down

Exercising alone won’t help most adults hit their targeted weight. What we eat has a vital role to play, too, and that’s where Meratrim plays a part. By taking a nutritional supplement along with your exercise, you can start to see faster weight loss results than just by exercising alone. Have a look at Meratrim review for yourself and decide if you want to start getting healthier than you’ve ever been before!

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