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Staying Healthy While Still Drinking Coffee

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

mocha coffeeHealth-wise, drinking coffee is a double-edged sword. There are downsides to drinking it, such as the fact that it can dehydrate you. It's a tricky phenomenon since most people would think that any beverage would hydrate you, but it's not true. Despite this, there are a lot of health benefits, as well. You can drink coffee and still maintain your health, but it requires that you make the right choices while you're at your neighborhood coffee shop.

Skip the complicated blended drinks

One of the lease healthy ways to drink coffee is to purchase the fancy blended drinks available at almost every coffee house. Starbucks has the Frappuccino, and Coffee Bean has its Iced Blended, and most smaller chains have their own varieties, as well.

These drinks aren't very good for you mostly because they're full of sugar. Each drink already has a sugary liquid base, but they're often topped with caramel, chocolate or even cookie pieces. Each drink also gets a significant dollop of whipped cream. In truth, these blended drinks are much more like milkshakes than coffee drinks.

If you're feeling like having an ice-cold coffee, consider doing just that. Get a plain coffee with milk but make it iced. You can always add some stevia or a packet of natural raw sugar if you need it a bit sweeter.

Go easy on the milk

The next way to stay on the healthy side of your coffee habit is to watch what kind of milk you're using. While you don't have to start drinking your coffee black, there are smarter choice when it comes to choosing what type of milk to use. Instead of opting for half and half or the whole milk, you can choose skim milk or even 2% instead. Both of these types of milk will help you ingest less fat. The taste of your coffee won't be that different, either.

Don't load up on pastries

Another staple of every coffee shop is the pastry case. It's strategically placed so that you stare at all those caramel sticky buns and chocolate covered donuts while you're waiting to place your order. The urge to have some pastries with your coffee can be strong, but you need to fight it if you want to manage your weight effectively. Having too many high carbohydrate pastries can sabotage any fitness and healthy eating plan. If you make sure to eat before heading to get your coffee, you will be much less likely to add on these unhealthy treats.

Herbal supplements can help, too  

Instead of trying to watch your weight with your diet alone, you should also consider other natural tools. One great choice is an herbal dietary supplement called Meratrim. Meratrim helps your body metabolize fat faster in order to speed up the process of losing weight. In a scientific study, people that used Meratrim were able to drop pounds faster than those that were only dieting or exercising. By adding Meratrim to your health routine, you might see the same results!

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