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Boost Your Immune System for a Healthy Holiday Season

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Nov 12, 2016 @ 08:51 AM

Boost_Immune_System.pngIt’s that time of year, again! The busy holiday season is a time of joy and excitement, but often that comes with personal care taking a backseat. Stay focused on your health and keep your immune system strong and stable throughout the cooler months. Here are 5 points to get you started:

  • Amp up the nutrition. The first step in boosting your immune system is with a healthy diet full of nutrient-dense foods. When your body has the nutrition it needs, it can more easily fight off seasonal bugs and keep you healthy. During the holiday season it can be difficult to eat nutritiously, with parties, big meals, extra desserts, holiday drinks, etc. Make an effort to keep healthy, nutritious food on your plate and your body will thank you!
  • Stay hydrated. During the cooler months, remembering to stay hydrated becomes more challenging. Although you may not be spending all day out in the sun, your body still becomes dehydrated in the fall and winter. Whether your region experiences dryer air which saps water from everything or your region experiences a wetter winter, your body needs water to stay healthy! Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Exercise regularly. Staying active is a key component for a healthy immune system. It is all too easy to relax your exercise regimen as the weather cools, but you must resist the urge! Exercise helps you build strength, maintain your metabolism, burn calories, boost your mood, and all in all, keep your body healthy.
  • Get enough sleep. The holiday season is full of busy days. Whether you are working on extra projects while still planning your holiday gathering or getting everything in place for a family vacation, there’s a lot going on! During this time it is imperative for you to maintain a steady sleep schedule. This not only keeps you rested and alert, but it also helps your body repair itself and ward off illness.
  • Take in some fresh air. Instead of staying cooped up, get out and enjoy the unique benefits of the season! Fall is a beautiful time of year with opportunities to enjoy the scenery of changing leaves, going out with friends or family and picking apples or walking through corn mazes. Get out for an energizing hike before the snow hits or sign up for ski lessons.

Staying healthy through the holidays is more than maintaining a strong immune system. Is weight loss something you’ve been continually pushing off? Well, now’s the time.  Dive into the holidays with a new plan and a new you. InterHealth has a selection of clinically tested and studied health supplement ingredients that can help you reach your goals. To learn more about our products, visit our website or email us at info@interhealthusa.com.

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