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Declutter Your Kitchen to Clean Up Your Diet

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Aug 28, 2016 @ 01:30 PM

Decluttering_Your_Kitchen.jpgSlimming down and feeling more energetic are great goals! Diet plays a big part in doing both. From the moment you shop for groceries to the everyday decision on what meals to eat, you are either helping or hindering your fitness and health potential. So it’s best to set yourself up for success in absolutely every way possible, including having your kitchen in tip-top shape!

If you’d like to clean up your diet, it’s time to declutter your kitchen with these six tips!

  1. Nix the Salt Shaker - It may not be feasible to eliminate salt altogether from your diet, but you can reduce your salt intake by removing your salt shaker. A salt shaker doesn’t allow you much control over how much salt falls onto your food. Whereas, if you had a salt jar or dish to spoon from, you could visually keep track of a more precise (and hopefully smaller) amount of added salt.
  2. Smaller Dishes - Extra large dishes might be ornate but they can encourage larger portion sizes. Opt instead for using small plates and bowls. It’ll help you reduce how much you consume! The same is true of drinking glasses when you are drinking anything aside from water.
  3. Stash Paper in a Drawer or Bin - Studies have shown that when a kitchen counter is covered in papers (i.e. mail or work), people are more likely to consume snack foods that take less preparation. Keep your mail and other papers stashed to improve organization and better food habits.
  4. Preserve Healthy Ingredients - Healthy oils are only as beneficial as their ingredients, ingredients which start to break down in light and heat. Be sure to store these in a dark, cool cupboard. Similarly, keep dark chocolate in the fridge to maintain its health benefits.
  5. Replace Scratched Pans -  When the coating has been worn away from a pan, you’re more likely to use more oil to keep foods from sticking. Cut down on the oil by replacing your pans with ones that have non-stick properties.
  6. Use Clear Packaging for Healthy Foods - According to a recent study, people are more likely to eat what they can see. Opaque packaging discourages consumption while clear packaging encourages consumption. Keep fruits, vegetables, and other beneficial foods in sight!

When you’ve adopted these kitchen decluttering tips, you’re ready to start dieting in a way that will produce better results! For even more of a weight loss benefit, try Super CitriMax®. It’s a supplement ingredient that has been shown to reduce weight three times more effectively than diet and exercise alone. Contact InterHealth at info@interhealthusa.com to learn more!

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