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Exercising with Your Family!

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 09:30 AM


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It’s hard to separate the idea of “fitness” and the “gym.” The two are closely associated, but you can have one without the other! Getting fit and maintaining healthy habits are a great way to implement active movements in your entire family’s life. It isn’t about putting in hours at the gym each week; it is about making small changes in your lifestyle! We have some active ideas to get your family and you moving!


Walk whenever possible! If you can walk to the corner store rather than drive to the supercenter, do it! You’ll feel great. When you’re at the supercenter, park near the back of the lot. You won’t have to fight with traffic at the front, and you can get a brisk walk in before grocery shopping! If you have a toddler, carry them around the store for a little extra exercise. They’d probably appreciate it, and you’ll get in some calorie burning activity. Another tip is to not lean on the cart while shopping. Keep your posture in check so you’re using all the appropriate muscles!

At home, you can take an after dinner walk with the family. It will be a nice way to bond a reconnect with everyone after their day at work or school, plus you’ll be able to get in a little more exercise.

Household Chores

Make household chores more active! Turn on some of your favorite tunes and dance while you clean. Move your hips while you vacuum, tap your foot while you sort the mail. Simply moving around is the key to maintaining healthy habits. Dance with your kids too. They’ll be embarrassed, maybe, but it makes for fond memories and it gets them involved with the movement as well.

Rearrange the furniture, whenever you want! It might seem like a lot of work. That’s because it is a lot of work. Consider it as an opportunity to do something productive while you’re getting in exercise. Don’t dread the work, appreciate it!

Workout During Commercials

Family TV-time is a prime opportunity to do some actual exercise positions. During commercials show your kids how to do push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, or squats and make it into a friendly competition. Who can do the most before quitting? Can anyone make it through the entire commercial break?

Yard Work

Yard work is exercise all on its own. It is a lot of moving around, bending, lifting, squatting, and moving. It’s exhausting! That’s great. Do as much yard work as you can. You’ll be outside getting fresh air, working your muscles, and feeling good. Chances are after a few yard work afternoons you’ll enjoy being out there moving around!

Family Fun Night

Rather than turning to board games and cards, play yard games. Throw the football around. Set up a badminton net. Toss the football. Let your kids decide what kind of games they feel like playing! They’ll have ideas too!

There are many options to get the whole family moving together. For a little extra help with your weight management, consider implementing  LOWAT® into your daily routine. LOWAT supports healthy weight loss.

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