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Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast

Posted by Inter Health on Fri, Dec 02, 2016 @ 07:03 AM

Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast-1.jpgThe holidays are upon us, and many people are in the gift-giving spirit. But what is the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life? No matter what their level of fitness expertise is, there’s a perfect gift for everyone. We’ve put together a list of fitness must-haves for this season.


For people starting out on their fitness journey, a pedometer can be a fantastic tool for motivation. A pedometer keeps track of your daily steps which encourages you to get up and move throughout the day.

Fitness Watch

Smartwatches and fitness watches are all the craze at the moment, and for good reason. A fitness watch measures not only steps but a variety of physical activities as well. Whether your loved one is a runner, cyclist, or swimmer, a fitness watch can help keep track of progress and encourage more activity.


One of the most useful tools in a fitness plan is a journal where you can log daily information including diet, exercise, sleep, and mood. Keeping track of these few things can help explain how each element contributes to weight loss.

Resistance Band

Adding a few elements to a home gym can make it easy to work out in the home. A resistance band is small and compact but offers a broad range of workouts for many different muscle groups.

Fitness Magazine Subscription

Even with the internet taking over, people still love to receive magazines in the mail. There are many different fitness magazines, and a subscription is relatively inexpensive. If your friend or family member is into running, weight lifting, cycling, or healthy living, in general, there’s a subscription for them.

Health and Fitness Supplement

Many people find themselves hitting a plateau a few months into their fitness plan with diet and exercise alone. At InterHealth, we formulate a variety of supplements to improve the health and fitness of others. Meratrim® has been researched and clinically demonstrated to be 4x more effective than diet and exercise alone. Learn more about Meratrim® on our website or by calling 1-800-783-4636.

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