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Green Fitness For Earth Day

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Apr 21, 2016 @ 09:32 AM

Green_Fitness_For_Earth_Day.jpgEarth day is almost here, and for many people that means making a conscious effort to decrease their carbon footprint. But how can we incorporate that into fitness? Even if for only one day, there are plenty of fitness options that require no machines and still provide incredible fitness benefits. Let’s take a look at a few.

  1. Park the car. One of the biggest changes you can make to get in some eco-friendly activity is to park the car for the day. Pull your bicycle out of storage and pedal your way to work, post office, or any other errands you need to run. You’ll still be productive but also substantially increase your daily activity and calories burned.
  2. Walk on your lunch break. Instead of driving to a local convenience store or restaurant on your break, pack some healthy, handheld lunch food and go for a walk during your lunch break. Even a brisk 20-minute walk can burn a healthy load of calories and boost your mood for the remainder of your work day.
  3. Take a dive. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate with a body of water, head down and dive in! Swimming is an excellent low-impact workout that works nearly every muscle in the body.
  4. Head to the playground. The playground can be fun for adults, too! Give your upper body a workout on the monkey bars and do some pull-ups. The playground also offers other ways to have fun and burn calories. Bring some friends or family members with you to enjoy some active time together!
  5. Step off the treadmill. Is the treadmill your go-to fitness machine? It is a great machine for burning calories, but in the spirit of eco-friendly fitness this Earth Day, take your steps outside! Lace up your shoes, grab a water bottle, load up your favorite music playlist, and simply try your regular walk or run routine outdoors. You may find that you enjoy it more than the treadmill.
  6. Volunteer at a state park. Wait a minute, this isn’t on any personal trainer’s plan, but you can still get some great physical activity while doing good for mother nature. Research volunteering opportunities at local state parks, or even just head down and pick up trash along the trails. The steps combined with the action of picking up trash will give you a great workout, and you’ll feel good about what you accomplish!

This Earth Day, ditch the machines and take your fitness outside! With the warmer weather returning, this could be just the start of a new outdoor routine for you. In addition to a fitness routine and a healthy diet, 7-Keto® from InterHealth can help you shed unwanted weight in time for summer. Learn about the amazing benefits of 7-Keto® and buy yours here!

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