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Hosting for the Holidays: Healthy and Stress-free

Posted by Inter Health on Thu, Dec 08, 2016 @ 07:01 AM

HostingforHolidays.jpgIt’s a wonderful time of year full of festivities, friends, and family. Hosting parties or meals during the holidays can be a rewarding feat, but often a stressful one. What starts out as exciting and fun can quickly turn into a nightmare. That kind of stress is unwelcome and unhealthy. If you are hosting a party, meal, or other event this holiday season, check out the following suggestions to help make it healthy and stress-free; ‘tis the season!

  • Host with a friend. It is likely there will be more than one holiday gathering between your group of friends. Why not simplify things for everyone and turn two parties into one? Two parties may seem like more fun at first, but once people’s schedules start filling up and time marches on, combining into one party makes more sense. Additionally, it is more fun and manageable that way. Tasks and prep can be divided, and individual strengths can be better utilized.
  • Make a list. And check it twice. Really. Having a plan and list to check off for important items is essential for reducing the stress of planning holiday events. That being said, unless you love long lists, simplify your planning to only include the essential elements.
  • Aromatherapy. The warm and inviting smells of the season do wonders to calm nerves and reduce stress. When you are planning your party, light some seasonal candles or incense to get you in the holiday spirit. Also, be sure to fill your home or event space with natural, seasonal scents to liven the space and welcome your guests. Pro tip: relax in a hot bath with lavender essential oil after the party for some seriously relaxing aromatherapy.
  • Music. Not far from the comfort of seasonal scents is the magic of music. The music you select for your gathering can take it to the next level. Choose your tunes according to the mood you want to set and your personal taste. There’s no sense in playing anything you don’t like as the host!
  • Classic, simple, and healthy. When all is said and done, the purpose of holiday parties is to enjoy the company of friends and family. Keep the food and drink simple and healthy. When you, the host, are stress-free and enjoying yourself at the party you’ve planned, your guests know it and appreciate it.

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