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How To Make Water Your Go-To Beverage

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Apr 11, 2015 @ 08:00 AM


Let’s face it, water can be a bland drink. With so many other options on the market, it’s easy to choose something else. The good news? There are ways to enhance your water to make it even more delicious and encourage better hydration habits! We understand the importance of staying hydrated to maintaining your weight loss and want to share our secrets with you.

Check out these ways to encourage more water intake:

  • Get fruity: This is an easy, healthy, and pretty way to make drinking water more enjoyable. Fresh berries are the easiest thing to add. Simply cut up strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate or any of your other favorite fruits. Add them to your water for a light flavor boost and beautiful color. Even better, new water bottle styles have special compartments to hold the fruit so you can infuse the fruit for a couple of refills throughout the day.

  • Enhance ice cubes: Like the fruit pieces but want even more flavor? Try a fruit purée, frozen into an ice cube tray! As the cubes melt, more flavor will be released into the water, making the last sip even better than the first.

  • Add herbs: Fresh herbs, like mint or rosemary, can complement the flavor of fruits or enhance the water on its own. Try freezing extra herbs from your garden, too.

  • Consider carbonation: Carbonated water is a great alternative to soda, as it does not contain all the added sugars or colors. Some soda waters come lightly, naturally sweetened but you can also add the fruit and herbs above to enhance the taste even more. New products on the market are making soda water possible at home creation. Now, you can customize it even more to your liking!

  • Set a timer: if you forget to drink your water, consider setting a timer. If you work in an office, getting up to get water is a great way to stretch your legs and get your blood moving a little.

Water may not be the sweetest or most caffeinated beverage in the world, but it sure is the healthiest! Don’t forget, 8, eight-ounce glasses are recommended daily for adults. However, if you’re performing rigorous physical activities, drinking coffee, or consuming alcohol that dehydrates your body, be sure to drink more to replace your fluids. We hope these tips will help inspire you to drink more water every day in support of your weight loss goals.

For healthy weight management, we also recommend adding a supplement like Meratrim®. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Meratrim can help you reach your goals in as little as two weeks!

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