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Low-Impact Exercises to do Outdoors

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Jun 27, 2015 @ 07:10 AM


For anyone with joint pain or replacement joints, it can be a challenge to find low-impact exercises that don’t cause too much strain. However, a regular exercise routine plays a key role in ensuring joint health and comfort, and there are many low-impact ways to be active. If you’re looking for activities that will get you outside and moving this summer, but are easy on joints, consider one (or more!) of the following:

Hiking. If you’re looking for a little more excitement than a walk around your neighborhood, consider going for a hike. Hiking lets you enjoy the scenery in your area without putting a great deal of strain on your joints. Another perk to hiking is that you’re able to set a pace you're comfortable with, so you can go as fast or slow as you want. Sticking to relatively flat terrain will help you keep impact to a minimum.

You can even make regular hikes part of a year-round routine. Snowy winters mean you can trade in your hiking boots for snowshoes or cross-country skis. These are fun outdoor activities for the winter months that are still easy on your joints.

Cycling. Cycling is a great low-impact activity for people with sensitive knees. As with hiking, you’re able to choose the speed and terrain that is most comfortable for you. Cycling uses the muscles that support the knee joint, but without any impact, which can help improve strength.

If you’re looking for an indoor alternative, try the stationary bike at your gym or enroll in a spin class.

Kayaking. If you want to be active and enjoy the great outdoors, kayaking could be an excellent option for you. Kayaking gives your arms and core a workout as you paddle along. You can also use leg movements to help steer your kayak, allowing you to exercise your leg muscles with low impact. If you’re interested in the benefits of kayaking but aren’t quite ready to get out on the water, try using the rowing machine at your gym.

Golfing. Golf can be a fun, relaxing, and social activity, but it’s also a low-impact way to exercise your upper body. If you’re able, try and leave the cart behind and walk the course to give your legs a workout too.

There are plenty of ways to benefit from regular exercise, but without the impact. If you’re unsure if a new activity is right for you, your doctor can always help you develop a fitness routine that accommodates your specific needs. For additional healthy joint support, consider adding a supplement like UC-II®. Human clinical research demonstrates that just 40 mg of UC-II® supports joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility.

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