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Modern Uses for 5 Ancient Grains

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Fri, Feb 13, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

bigstock-Quinoa-Grain-67449739.jpgLong touted for their nutritious benefits, ancient grains are making a comeback on the fitness and wellness scene. We love them so much that we’ve come up with modern uses for our top 5 favorite ancient grains. All aboard the grain train!

  1. Quinoa (KEEN-wah)

Perhaps the grain to have gained the most notoriety in recent years, is quinoa. A veritable super food, the grain is packed with minerals, folates, and protein. Quinoa is also loaded with healthy fats and is a great addition to any dish. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate quinoa is by blending cooked quinoa into a green, breakfast smoothie. Another great option is to top your quinoa with a little brown sugar, fresh fruit, and almond milk, turning it into a tasty oatmeal alternative.

  1. Farro (FAHR-oh)

Farro is best known for its nutty, earthy flavor and chewy texture. Farro contains fiber, Vitamin B3, and zinc. With notes of cinnamon, farro is the perfect grain to top with almond or soy milk for a quick breakfast cereal. Farro is also a delicious addition to hearty vegetable soups and stews in lieu of barley.

  1. Chia (CHEE-ah)

Chia seeds are the perfect grain to top off any recipe. They are high in natural antioxidant compounds, so they help keep your immune system running smoothly. Chia seeds also contain riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine. These little seeds are high in fiber and can be utilized in any dish imaginable. Try topping a salad with chia seeds for an added crunch and a protein boost. If you soak chia seeds overnight in almond milk they will absorb some of the liquid. The chia’s seeds gain a pudding-like consistency. This makes for a sweet treat when topped with fresh fruit and a little agave syrup.

  1. Kamut (kah-MOOT)

Like the other ancient grains, Kamut has many health benefits. Kamut is full of protein, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Grown only by a select few, Kamut is always organic and non-GMO. Kamut also possess a high percentage of lipids. This delicious grain pairs well with earthy foods such as carrots and pomegranate seeds. Try combining these ingredients for a hearty, autumnal salad.

  1. Amaranth (ama-RANTH)

This pseudo cereal, along with many of the other ancient grains, is gluten-free. This makes Amaranth an ideal choice for people who have Celiac disease or opt for a gluten-free diet. This grain also has a high protein content and Vitamin C. It contains 3x the average amount of calcium for a grain. Adding calcium to your diet is important for bone health and strength. Try amaranth in a pilaf or on its own for a tasty side.

Whole grains are proven to assist with weight control and blood pressure levels. Don’t forget to top, blend, or fold ancient grains into your next meal! Paired with a healthy diet and exercise, adding a natural supplement like Super Citrimax® can also help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals! Super CitriMax® is a patented, safe, and effective fruit extract from the South Asian fruit Garcinia cambogia and helps support a healthy body weight and lifestyle.

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