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Olympic Fitness: 6 Healthy Habits We Learned from Olympiads

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Oct 01, 2016 @ 04:30 PM

Olympic_Fitness.jpgThe Olympic Games are nothing short of inspirational. From the unlikely champions to jaw-dropping, perfect finishes, you may replay the performances of the athletes you saw this summer again and again. But these amazing athletes aren’t superhuman; they are driven and competitive within a specific discipline and goal.

To get their bodies and mind in shape, Olympiads use common techniques that everyone can benefit from to find your personal best! Check out some of the healthy habits we can learn and adopt from them:
  • Purpose - Everyone has goals, whether you are trying to drop some weight or lose inches around your waist. You determine your own personal best by planning how to achieve those goals. What is your purpose?
  • Smoothies - Olympiads are on the edge of new technologies, supplements, and foods. They aren’t afraid to try new things for a health boost, including flavors and ingredients in smoothies. If you find it difficult to eat enough fruit and veggies during the day, incorporate them into a smoothie! Simply add and blend. Experimentation is key.
  • Alarm Clock - Sleeping in is a nice treat, but doing it too often could lead to health complications. Your food may not be properly processed and your activity level is generally lower, leading to weight gain. Instead, set a designated alarm every day and wake up with a workout or meditation exercise!
  • Avoid Sugary Drinks - The temporary spike of energy from a caffeinated or sugary beverage isn’t worth the long-term impact on your health. A body can only process so much sugar throughout the day. Replace sugary drinks with a more natural energy boost like a walk in fresh air.
  • Sleep - No matter how busy you are, you’ll always perform better and more efficiently with adequate sleep. It’s recommended to get at least seven hours as an adult, and that means making an effort to schedule it in!
  • More Water - Drinking water throughout the day not only helps you lose weight, it also stabilizes your overall health. After all, the human body is more than 50% water! So that means making an effort to drink a glass of water at every meal and snack, as well as carry a water bottle with you when you venture out into the world.

If you incorporate less sugar and more water with the right amount of sleep and a dash of purpose, you can be your own inspiration! You may not run a marathon or earn a gold medal, but you’ll be like the 2016 Olympic athletes in the way that you care for your body and health.

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