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Outdoor Cardio Options for Springtime Fitness

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Feb 02, 2017 @ 03:02 PM


OutdoorCardioOptions.jpgGetting a wee bit tired of your indoor gym routine? Take heart! Spring opens the door to a number of outdoor fitness activities you can enjoy. By partaking in these and other outdoor cardio fitness options this spring, you can look forward to a more shapely physique in the summer.  


Jogging is a great cardio exercise for stimulating your heart, strengthening leg muscles, increasing stamina and losing weight. In fact, jogging on a regular basis will improve your overall health.

If you’re new to jogging, start slowly to give your joints and muscles time to adapt to this rigorous exercise. Run at a comfortable pace, regardless of others around you, and pay attention to your body for knowing when to quit. Once you’ve built up endurance, you can begin to increase jogging time and pace, shedding excess pounds every step of the way.  


Recreational cycling will add some zip to your life in addition to sculpting the legs (and buns) for summer. Through cycling, you can make friends and explore new areas within your local community while you get in shape. Joining a cycling group will give you greater incentive to make cycling a regular part of your healthy living lifestyle.    

A commitment to cycling requires that you invest in a quality bike that’s comfortable and suitable for your fitness needs. Other accessories you may want to buy include a helmet, knee pads, and gloves for protection against accidental spills. Spandex shorts will also help protect from chafing.


Swimming on a regular basis will tone your arms and legs in no time, without putting pressure on your joints. Swimming is not only refreshing and fun, but will help you lose extra pounds and inches to give you a healthier, more attractive physique. If you have easy access to a pool, lake or ocean, swimming can be a great way to keep you healthy and fit.

Roller Blading

For those with a more adventurous mentality, however, roller blading is a stimulating means of losing weight and staying healthy. Roller blading can be relaxing as well as physically productive. If you’re new to the sport, consider taking lessons so you can fully benefit from all roller blading has to offer.

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