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Packing Healthy Lunches for Your Kids

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Sep 24, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

Packing healthy lunches for your children can pose a challenge for you and your kids. You want them to eat well and be healthy. They want to be healthy, but they don’t want to eat for it. It can be a complicated dynamic! We have helpful tips to create great on-the-go lunches for your kids!


The first step in creating healthy lunches for you kids is figuring out what they actually want to eat. The best way to do this is to have a formal conversation about it! Explain to your kids the importance of healthy foods and the harm of unhealthy foods. Let them think about this for a while. Then ask them what kinds of healthy foods they enjoy. You can even make a practical list that you would routinely grocery shop for and ask them to pick things from that. It makes your children feel more involved in the process. If they feel like they’ve contributed, they’re more likely to eat what you pack them for lunch!

Get the Right Supplies

To create a healthy lunch, you’ll need all the materials. Get a stainless steel thermos; they do not create condensation in a lunch box. Get some containers that have separators for different aspects of the meal. This will help keep everything organized and will save space from having a lot of different containers in the lunch box.

You will also need to get a fun lunch box! Let your child help pick out a lunch box that they like. Ensure that it is insulated well and will be able to fit a thermos and other containers.

Know the Basics

What makes a healthy meal? There are a lot of different approaches to creating a healthy balanced meal. Overall, it is important to have protein, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy. Incorporating these foods into kids lunches throughout the week will help them be healthier.

Food Ideas

Here’s the fun part, getting creative with the presentation of your kids healthy lunch! Kids love finger food. If that can be incorporated into their lunch, go for it!

Consider creating your own healthy version of those pre-packaged lunch snacks! Use whole wheat crackers, fresh deli turkey or ham, and add slices of your child’s favorite type of cheese. This allows your kids to put their meal together how they like it!

Try using skewer sticks and making different kinds of kebabs! You can put their favorite fruits on a skewer, like blueberries, grapes, watermelon pieces, cantaloupe, orange slices, strawberries, or any fruits they enjoy! You can do the same thing with vegetables, and incorporate protein option as well with pieces of cooked sirloin, chicken breast, or tofu!

To make wraps more fun, add the ingredients you desire in a whole-wheat wrap, roll it tightly, and then insert colorful toothpicks about an inch apart. Slice the wrap between the toothpicks and then you’ll have wrap pinwheels! They make great finger food for any lunch.

With these healthy options for your kids, you may even want to create your lunch the same way! Incorporating a healthier diet into your family’s life is a great way to stay in shape. If you’re working on your own personal weight management, try implementing  Meratrim® into your routine! Meratrim® can help you reach your weight management goals in as little as two weeks!

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