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Rise and Shine! 7 Stretches for the Morning

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Jul 09, 2015 @ 12:00 PM


Whether you’re an early riser or like to sleep in, there are always days when you need a little pick-me-up to start your day off right. Some people turn to coffee or energy drinks, but there’s a more natural and eco-friendly way to boost your spirit, energy, and mind. And all you need is you! How do you accomplish this boost? Morning stretches! You’d be surprised just how invigorating they can be, from the mild twists and turns to the more advanced yoga lunges and other poses.

Here are a few great examples of morning stretches:

  1. Side Stretch - Reach one arm high overhead and bend slowly to the opposite side, feeling the pull through the length of your torso. This move targets the whole side of your body, from the shoulder down through the obliques and finally into the hip. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Upper Back - For back, shoulder, and even some minor neck stiffness try a brief massage and then pull one arm across your body with the other. Keep the arm straight and imagine your shoulder blades spreading wide. Repeat with the other arm.

  1. Chest - To balance the upper back stretch, open your chest up by holding a wall or door frame with one hand (straight arm) and turning the entire body away from that arm. You should feel this in the front of the shoulder and bicep as well. Do likewise with the other arm.

  1. Hamstring - Prop one foot up on a step, bench, chair, or some other elevated surface away from the floor. Keeping your back straight, bend toward that foot at your waist. Only go as far as you need in order to feel the stretch on the back of your leg with your foot flexed. Then try the other leg.

  1. Quad - Pick up one foot and reach behind you to secure it at the ankle, pulling it up and in toward your tailbone so that the knee is pointed toward the floor. This will help ease the tension in the front of your thigh on either side.

  1. Forward Bend - From a standing position with feet square in relation to your hips and knees slightly bent, bend forward until you are hanging down. Allow gravity to pull you for a lighter stretch or grasp behind your ankles and add in extra pull, as necessary.

  1. Spinal Twist - Sit on the edge of a bed or chair with your legs together and your spine as tall and straight as possible. Rotate to one side, placing a hand behind you for support and the other on the outside of your thigh to brace the stretch. After doing this on both sides, your spine and neck will feel more loose.

Stretching and moving around when waking up really helps to get your blood pumping, from your fingertips reaching up to the ceiling right down to your toes. But they are just one component to living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself. Consider supplementing your morning exercise with UC-II ® which promotes joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility - all of which keep you active and help assist you with weight maintenance. With UC-II ® you are helping your body from the inside as well as the outside!

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