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Spice Up Your Life! Use These Spices for Weight Loss

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Sep 13, 2016 @ 06:40 PM

Spice_Up_Your_Life.jpgYou’ve probably heard that the two keys to unlocking your weight loss potential are a balanced diet and consistent exercise. But what if you could give an extra boost to either one of those keys? For instance, there are exercises that work certain muscles more efficiently. In a similar way, there are things that are better for you to eat. However, eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to mean eating bland, flavorless foods. In fact, there are several spices that help promote weight loss.

Spices to Enjoy

Next time you reach for a spice to sprinkle on your healthy entree, opt for one of these:

  • Cumin - As either seeds or powder, cumin helps regulate blood sugar levels by increasing cell sensitivity to glucose and insulin. Essentially, cumin reduces cravings for carbohydrates and helps you feel more satiated overall. Additionally, cumin is rich in antioxidants and phytosterols, inhibiting the absorption of harmful cholesterol while encouraging the absorption of nutrients.
  • Red Pepper (Cayenne) - Red pepper, specifically cayenne, has a plethora of health benefits. From increasing blood flow and metabolism to preventing migraine headaches and keeping allergies at bay, it’s difficult to go wrong with this spice.
  • Cinnamon - Cinnamon contains chemicals that guard against free radicals, which are harmful substances that destroy cells!
  • Oregano - The antioxidants in oregano help protect your body against harmful bacteria. In fact, it has been studied to be the most effective natural antibacterial for combating E. Coli, Listeria, and more.
  • Ginger - In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger also bring cough and congestion relief during a cold or flu.
  • Rosemary - For a chance of reducing your cancer risk, introduce rosemary to your diet. It also helps prevent yeast growth.

Remember that not all spices are helpful for your weight loss and health objectives. Before you spice, think twice! Is it a beneficial addition to your meal or purely for flavor?

For additional weight loss, add a product with LOWAT® to your daily regimen. LOWAT® combines the Piper betle leaf extract and Dolichos biflorus seed extract into a natural weight loss ingredient for hunger hormone control. Clinical studies showed a significant weight loss after eight weeks of diet, exercise, and LOWAT®. See what a difference 300 mg 3 times per day can make!

If you have questions about LOWAT®, contact InterHealth at info@interhealthusa.com.

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