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Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Apr 03, 2016 @ 01:55 PM


We’ve all heard it a hundred times, but it holds true. Fitness begins in the kitchen. If you’re one of the many people who spends time at the gym but aren’t seeing any results, it’s likely that the foods you are consuming are counteracting your activity. Spring is a great time to refresh and recharge with your fitness plan, and we’re taking it to the kitchen.

Out with the bad. Give these products the boot!

  • Chips. We all know that potato and tortilla chips are far from healthy, but they still manage to make it into our weekly shopping carts and our homes. Although they can be delicious, one ounce of potato chips can pack over 150 calories and 10 grams of fat. And if you're eating straight from a large bag, chances are you may be consuming much more.
  • Cookies and Candy. Who doesn’t love a sweet snack once in awhile? It should be no surprise here, but cookies and candy are packed full of sugar. This can lead to blood sugar spikes, energy crashes, a consumption of unwanted excess calories, and even diabetes in the long run.
  • Sugary Beverages. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Don't drink empty calories! Sugary beverages such as soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks offer virtually no nutrition and have no place in a healthy diet.
  • Condiments. Before you panic, we would like to say that not all condiments are bad. There are plenty of healthy options available, but we are recommending that you toss salad dressings and other condiments that are high in calories and fat. A creamy ranch or blue cheese dressing can quickly cancel out your healthy, low-calorie salad.
  • Expired Products. It doesn’t matter how healthy something may be, if it’s expired, it’s not a good idea to hold onto it. Keep in mind, however, that many products may still be safe to consume for up to a week after the “sell-by” date. If you have products that are borderline, your best bet will likely be to toss them and get fresh, healthy products.

Now that you’ve cleaned out all of the unhealthy products from your kitchen, it’s time to whip up a grocery list of healthy, wholesome, delicious foods to restock your pantry. Instead of that candy bowl, load up on your favorite fresh fruits. Instead of creamy, high-calorie salad dressings, try a healthier vinaigrette. With these spring cleaning tips, your kitchen will reflect the healthier lifestyle you are striving to achieve. In addition to a healthier diet and moderate activity, a natural supplement containing Meratrim® can help you lose weight in time for summer. Learn more and purchase Meratrim® here!

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