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Stay Healthy In Your 30’s with ZMA®

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Jul 31, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

Stay_Healthy_In_Your_30s_with_ZMA.jpgIn today’s world, your 30’s never looked so good; your life finally settling down or picking up and you have finally found yourself on some path to leading a full life. But, just because you have it slightly figured out doesn't mean your health is on track. If you aren’t exercising frequently or taking care of your body, it’s time to get started. The Good Men Project thinks so too! It’s time for you to take control on your health in your 30’s with ZMA® from InterHealth and to take care of your body.

Change Your Routine

As you transition into your 30’s your body starts to change, acting differently than in your 20’s. Your metabolism is beginning to slow, your joints may be feeling a bit achy, and overall you find yourself needing to take a bit more time to rest at the end of a busy day than a few years before. With a busy schedule, it’s hard to prioritize a workout routine, but it’s more important than ever to make sure you body is healthy and ready for the years to come. If you enjoy running, try switching up your running routine by spending one or two workouts a week on the elliptical to save your knees from the impact of running. If you lift heavy weights, try adding in a few sets of light weights and increasing reps for more variety. Switching up your workout is good for your body at any age but especially in your 30’s.

Supplement Your Diet with ZMA®

Maintaining muscle strength as you grow older is sometimes difficult. Adding a supplement to your diet that supports muscle strength and power will keep your bones and muscles feeling stronger and healthier. As mentioned in an article by the Good Men Project, “A good supplement like ZMA® (zinc monomethionine/aspartate and magnesium aspartate plus vitamin B6) can aid in muscle recovery, better sleep, increased testosterone levels…” and keep you on track to staying healthy as you continue in life. ZMA® is easily incorporated into any diet by creating a simple and easy shake with our smooth powder formula.

Time For You

Not only should you be maintaining a steady workout routine and keeping you body strong with ZMA®, but you should also make sure to take time for yourself. Your 30’s are full of busy schedules, meaning finding time for yourself can be challenging. Don’t let yourself get lost in the frenzy of your everyday schedule, be sure to set aside time to do things you enjoy. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

As you continue down the road of being 30, flirty, and thriving, don’t forget to maintain your health in body and mind. If you are interested in learning more about how ZMA® can help you in your 30’s head to www.buyinterhealth.com or send us a message here.

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