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Sunday's To Do List for Successful Weight Loss

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Dec 06, 2015 @ 09:47 AM


For a successful weight loss regime, preparation is important. The hecticness of the work week can make it difficult to make health and fitness our priority. Your long term health goals should be a top priority! Take advantages of a lazy Sunday by preparing everything you need for a week of healthy choices!

Plan your food.

On Sunday, write a list of food you want to eat throughout the week.

  • Take a trip to grocery store to purchase anything that you will need for the week’s meals and snacks. It’s better to have extra of something than to need go to the store later in the week!
  • Do some food prep! Food prep can set you up for a successful eating routine for the entire week! Chop up vegetables to add to omelets, salads, or for snacking. You can portion out snacks to take on-the-go.


Plan your workouts.

Getting into a regular gym routine takes time, but you can make it easier by planning ahead!

  • On Sundays, jot down your weekly workout goals in your workout journal. This will help you go to the gym with purpose and intent, so you will feel motivated to exercise!
  • Make sure you have all your gym essentials ready to go! You don’t want to be running around last minute to find your athletic socks or your headphones. Gather all the things you need on Sunday evenings so that you are ready for the week ahead!


Do the miscellaneous items on your to-do list.

  • Laundry isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do, but getting it out of the way on Sundays, will take some stress out of your week! Focus on enjoying the week rather than worrying about laundry. Doing laundry will also ensure that you have clean workout clothes for the week, which is extra motivating!
  • Food prep will pile up some dishes on Sunday evening, but cleaning them and getting them put away before Monday makes for smoother mornings all week. Plus, you won’t need so many dishes throughout the week when you have prepped food on Sundays.


Take time to relax.

Sundays should also be treated as an opportunity to relax and destress.

  • Take some time to pamper yourself on Sunday evenings. Enjoy your favorite book with a cup of tea, or take a bath with scented candles. Find a way to relax your mind and mentally prepare for the week ahead.
  • Try to get to bed earlier on Sunday evenings. Waking up refreshed and ready for the week on Monday morning will set you up for a week of healthy choices!

With these helpful Sunday to-do list tips, healthy choices throughout the week should become easier. For extra support on your weight loss journey, consider implementing a supplement that includes LOWAT® from Interhealth. The LOWAT supplement has been extensively studied and will you help you reach your weight management goals.

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