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The Benefits of Swimming

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sun, Aug 23, 2015 @ 08:00 AM


The summer heat can make outdoor exercise uncomfortable, if not unbearable. What better way to beat the heat but also get a great workout in than by swimming! Whether you have access to an indoor or outdoor pool, swimming is a fabulous way to exercise now or any time of the year. Bring the whole family to the pool for some splashing good fun that doubles as an effective workout.  Here are the amazing benefits of swimming:

  • Stay cool. If you have a tendency to heat up when you exercise, then swimming will be great for you. Water disperses heat more efficiently so you are less likely to overheat. Plus, water also cools the body do you are able to both disperse the heat you are creating and cool yourself while you swim.

  • Create resistance. Water creates more resistance than air, over 10% more actually, making swimming an effective workout. Simple moves made in water are just a bit more difficult than on land, meaning you use more energy to do them, burning more calories and building more muscle.

  • Gentle on joints. One of the greatest benefits of swimming is the relief of joint pain and reduced pressure. You are able to get a high-intensity workout by swimming without the pounding land workouts cause on sensitive joints. Are you recovering from an injury or need to build up strength to start another training regiment?

  • Release stress. The rhythm of swimming and the buoyancy of floating helps release stress. Something about being in water makes swimming the preferred method of exercising for many people, especially if you are just starting to exercise.

  • Build lean muscle. Swimming is a comprehensive exercise that is both good for cardio and good for building lean muscle. As you kick and pull your body through the water you build muscle, increase circulation, increase flexibility, and build endurance.

Swimming really is a great workout for any season, though especially nice in the hot summer. With all the benefits mentioned above, we recommend giving swimming a try if you are looking for a new workout to try. If you are looking for additional joint comfort and flexibility, try UC-II®. Just 40 mg once-a-day provides the relief and mobility you need for comprehensive joint relief.  

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