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Tips for Eating Smart at the Fair

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Sep 29, 2015 @ 01:38 PM


Going to a county or state fair can be the highlight of the summer! Fairs are a fun, family-friendly activity that encourage community and regional support. Though many of us enjoy the rides, numerous exhibits, fun farm animals, rodeos, and other shows, it can be hard to avoid the many diet downfalls that are present at the fair. It’s good to enjoy a treat once in a while, but it can be overwhelming to navigate the choices of unhealthy foods at the fair. Here are a few tips for eating smart at the fair:

  • Plan ahead. Check the website of your local county, or state fair to determine where you want to splurge before you go. If you decide on two or three vendors you must try, stick to those to avoid any wandering hungry eyes. Also, many fairs, especially larger state fairs, have food finders on their websites so you can find healthier choices without scrolling through pages of available vendors.

  • Stay smart. Don’t be fooled by bold claims, but instead ask for details before you buy. If the server or cashier is not well-informed, ask for a manager or owner to get the information you need.

  • Limit what you drink. This goes for all sorts of beverages. Liquid calories are easy to forget about, especially on hot days! Beer, slushies, lemonade, and soda are just a few calorie-filled drinks that may seem refreshing at the moment but will eventually bog you down with unnecessary sugar and calories. Instead, bring your own reusable water bottle and fill up throughout your trip to stay hydrated. Another healthy and refreshing option is unsweetened iced tea or fresh-squeezed juice.

  • Take an extra lap around the grounds. There is certainly a lot of walking involved with going to the fair! This helps you burn calories throughout your visit, but don’t rely on just that to get you through unscathed. Help keep your diet on track by taking an extra lap around the grounds. You’ll burn a few extra calories and have some time to consider your healthy options.

  • Go with other health-focused friends or family. The company you have at the fair makes all the difference in the choices you make. If you choose to go with other healthy people, you are all more likely to have a healthier and more satisfying experience. Also, you can try more items by sharing everything!

Fair season doesn’t have to destroy your healthy diet or set you back on your fitness goals. These tips are a great way to stay on track while still enjoying the great fun and entertainment a fair has to offer. If you are looking for additional support to your health and fitness plans, try choosing a product with LOWAT®. A patent pending weight management ingredient, LOWAT® has been clinically studied to support healthy weight loss.

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