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Tips for Strength Training Beginners

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Wed, Sep 23, 2015 @ 04:00 PM

Strength training has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It is great for your physical health, it boosts your metabolism, and helps you become a stronger person. If you are interested in strength training and have even looked into before, you may have felt overwhelmed by techniques, acronyms, and confusing vocabulary from the professionals. Don’t get discouraged! We have simple tips to help get you started in strength training!


Before you jump right into strength training, remember that your body still needs a warm up! Do a 5-10 minutes of cardio. This will warm up your muscles and make your body feel stronger. Stretch out the muscles that you will be strength training that day. If you plan on doing an arm workout, stretch out your back, shoulders, and arms. If you’re doing a leg workout, stretch out your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Stretching will help you perform better in the strength exercises and will help prevent potential injuries.

Learn Proper Form

It may be helpful to find a fitness trainer to teach you the proper form of strength training, but it is not always necessary. There are many video tutorials and online guides when it comes to proper strength training form. Do some research and decide what positions you want to start with! Proper form is extremely important when it comes to weight lifting as it helps you reap the full benefits of each position and prevents painful strained muscles.

Keep it Simple

Strength training seems overwhelming because the only people talking about it are the experts! Sometimes the experts do not simplify aspects of strength training well enough for beginners! Simply. make a schedule and only use 7 to 10 exercise positions for the first month. Once you learn them well and have a regular workout routine, then add in new exercises to keep expanding your physical strength.

Etiquette is Important

You may be trying to learn the ropes of a new exercise, but it is still important to have gym etiquette and avoid being in other gym-goers way. Always carry a sanitizer towel with you, so you can wipe the machine or weights after you are done using them. No one wants to use a machine with another person’s sweat still lingering. If you are working with free-weights, always re-rack the weights once you complete your set. A messy gym is stressful for others trying to get their workout in. Re-organize the stuff you use for the next people to use it! Another helpful etiquette tip is to not rest for too long on the machines. If the gym is busy, people are likely waiting to use the machines. If you are taking a longer than 60 second break, try to align your rest periods with someone else's, so that you’re efficiently sharing machines.

With these tips, hopefully you feel a little more comfortable going into the gym with the intention of strength training! For a little extra help maintaining your weight, consider using LOWAT®. LOWAT supports healthy weight loss.


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