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Top 10 Summer Sports

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Jun 25, 2016 @ 01:30 PM

The sun is high and each breath carries a fragrance of new blooms and freshly mowed grass. The birds serenade you as you exit your front door, deciding to enjoy a summer sport for a little exercise and fun. Maybe you even make goals like achieving a certain distance traveled, increasing your endurance, or dropping a few pounds. No goal is too small!

But what if you have never tried a sport? Or maybe you simply can’t decide what sport to try? To help you with your goals and summer enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 summer sports. Read about each summer sport and its benefits below!Top_10_Summer_Sports.png

  1. Biking - For many people, there’s no better summer sport than biking. Freedom. Speed. Sight-seeing on trails that you can’t visit by car. And the hours can rush by in a beautiful blur. But you don’t have to plan a weekend excursion to take advantage of it. Grab your bike for a short trip to the movies or a friend’s house. That way, you can burn calories and still maintain a schedule!
  2. Surfing - This one is a little more exotic for many, and it’s probably best to acquire a teacher. However, for those who live near a large enough body of water, gliding across the cresting waves can be exhilarating! Not to mention that it’s great for a whole-body toning, from abs down to ankles!
  3. Tennis - Partner up and head to the tennis courts. Most public gyms have a few that can be rented by the hour, along with equipment. Tennis improves hand-eye coordination and acts as a 30-minute cardio burst to shake up your regular routine.
  4. Baseball - You’ve probably watched a game or two before or know someone who follows MLB, so you know the basics. And to play casually can be a lot of fun, particularly if you can build a team to meet up consistently. Depending on your position, it can tone your arms, legs, or just act as cardio.
  5. Swimming - The list of summer sports wouldn’t be complete without swimming. The water offers a cool reprieve on hot days. It’s especially beneficial as a cardio and weight-training workout for those with bone and joint concerns.
  6. Soccer - You need not play on a team to enjoy soccer. You can practice kicking goals, dribbling between your feet, or kicking it long-distance for your dog to chase. The speed and power you play with will increase as you become comfortable.
  7. Floor Hockey - With or without rollerblades, floor hockey is an aggressive game for those who enjoy fierce competition and working your muscles hard. Running or pushing off on wheels tones the calf and thigh muscle groups. At the same time, you must keep your core tight for balance.
  8. Frisbee Golf - “Frolfing,” as it’s affectionately called, is relatively new to the summer sport world. Throwing discs trains your arm muscles to perform with speed, accuracy, and power. In addition, the course you walk keeps your heartrate up between holes.
  9. Basketball - Basketball is a well-rounded summer sport that improves agility, coordination, and quick burst muscles for making accurate passes and throws. It may be tough to snag some net time, but it’s something everyone should try at least once.
  10. Beach Volleyball - While this summer sport requires a net and ball, there’s nothing else to it! In other words, you can set it up in the backyard and play during your next barbeque or game night.

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