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Top Wearable Fitness Technology

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Mon, Mar 28, 2016 @ 10:30 AM


Tracking and analyzing your fitness routine is easier than ever as wearable fitness technology become refined and simpler to use. Over the past year, the popularity of wearable fitness technology has significantly increased and now gives fitness junkies a variety of different bands to wear that can specifically target the type of exercise they enjoy doing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular wearable fitness technology out there to help you narrow down which one could be of the best use to you.

Jawbone UP2

After revamping their original Up device (one that managed to fall off more than once during a workout), the new and improved Up2 features a stylish and sleek design, which is smart and wired to keep track of your every move. The Up2 is for those who are looking to track the basics of their fitness routine; steps that were taken, distance traveled, calories burned and hours slept. It also can be used as an alarm to wake you up in the morning by gently vibrating. The tracker keeps you updated with a user-friendly app that can be installed on almost any smartphone.

Forerunner 225

Recently adding a heart rate monitor to their series of wearable technology, Garmin came out with the Forerunner 225. This tracker will do wonders for those looking to track distance running with accuracy. The Forerunner 225 has a variety of colorful graphics that are readily identifiable while on the move to keep track of your pace, targeted zone, and beats per minute. The band also tracks distance and connects to smartphones for live tracking and social media sharing.

Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR can easily keep track of your indoor workouts just as well as your outdoor workouts. While some fitness bands struggle to keep up with you on the treadmill, you won’t have a problem with this one. The Fitbit Charge HR is equipped with a variety of features including heart rate monitor, distance, calories burned, active minutes, steps, floors climbed, sleep tracking, exercise v. regular walking tracking, alarms, caller ID, and watch, plus more. This wearable fitness band comes in a variety of colors and an easily usable app for your smartphone that allows you to compete in challenges against your friends and win trophies to make working out even more rewarding.

Moov Now

The Moov Now device takes fitness tracking to a whole new level as it truly allows you to go anywhere (even in water) and accurately track your workouts. The Moov Now can count reps out loud for you, monitor heart rate, connect with and compete against friends, has a 6-month battery life and is water and dust proof. This device also connects to your smartphone, offers videos to proper techniques, provides interactive exercises, and in-depth data analysis for the true fitness pros.

Wearable technology can be a great investment if you are looking for something to keep you committed to your fitness routine. Staying focused can be made simple by setting goals and holding yourself accountable. Supplements are also an easy way to staying committed to your goals and keep working in the right direction. InterHealth provides a variety of ingredients that can be found in several supplements right in your local stores as well as online. Find the right InterHealth ingredient for you by going online or giving us a call at 1-800-783-4636.

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