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Fuel Your Workouts With… Sleep!

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Dec 11, 2014 @ 04:04 PM

While on your journey to healthy weight loss, there are multiple factors that can contribute to your goal, including good sleep habits. Sleep is one of those things that is easy to cut when you’re short on time, but resist the urge! Just like your daily fitness and diet choices determine how you feel and function, so does the sleep you get. Sleep deprivation can cause a whole host of problems which can derail your fitness progress.

The 2013 Sleep in America Survey by the National Sleep Foundation reported that people who exercise regularly report better quality sleep. It also found that people who exercise more intensely get the best sleep. Not surprisingly, non-exercisers were found to have the least amount of energy. This means that if you can make positive fitness decisions during the day, you could easily start to develop good sleep habits. Good sleep habits give you more energy to workout during the day, and the cycle continues!

Another small study done by the Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic looked at Stanford student athletes to reveal the effects of sleep on performance. The athletes just made one small change to their daily routines by adding extra sleep at night and saw significant performance improvements in tests of speed, endurance and agility. This shows that working out regularly and good sleep habits can work together to help you reach your fitness goals.

Sleep is also important is because it helps your body recover from workouts. Good sleep habits promote a more efficient recovery because your body has time to build muscle and heal before the next workout.

Good sleep habits go beyond workouts and can also have an effect on diet and eating habits. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people were deprived of sleep, late-night snacking increased and they were more likely to choose high-carb snacks. It’s important to get enough sleep every night to keep your hormones balanced so that you can make healthy eating decisions during the day.

To benefit from this information, start adding a designated fitness schedule to your daily routine and promote good sleep habits by getting to bed early enough for a full night of rest. You will feel great and be well on your way to happy, healthy weight loss management.

Good sleep habits and working out work hand-in-hand to build up a healthy lifestyle and promote weight loss. We also recommend adding the plant extract blend Meratrim® to your daily regimen to enhance your healthy weight management. Read More

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3 Ways Sleep Can Help Your Health

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Getting healthy and losing weight can take a lot of hard work, so we often resort to some strange solutions to make it happen. Often the best methods of doing so are actually some of the most simple. For example, one of the most powerful methods of getting your body into shape is simply getting enough sleep.

It seems like it might be too good to be true, but there’s a lot of science behind the idea. According to WebMD, even one extra hour of sleep every day can have a significant impact on your health.

Here are three ways that getting enough sleep can help you meet all of your health goals.

Sleep Helps Your body’s repair time

The first (and most important) reason that sleep is vital is because it is your body’s best time to grow and repair. If you’re trying to lose weight and help your body get into its best shape ever, you need to give it the time to fix itself after every day of natural wear and tear.

Many adults cut down on their sleep time by staying up to late in addition to having to get up at a regularly early hour. When you get eight hours of sleep, your body gets fully rested and more fully repaired, so you feel fresh and ready to go again every day.

Lessening soreness from exercising

If you’re getting in shape, you’re going to be working out. It’s very hard to lose weight by just dieting alone, after all. As we all know, however, exercising can cause our bodies to get sore. It doesn’t matter if you’re just jogging or lifting heavy weights – your body is bound to start getting sore in the process. By getting a full night’s sleep, your body can rebuild and lessen the soreness that you feel.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you simply won’t see the same benefits from your exercise.

Not getting injured in the first place

Another way that sleep helps is by lowering your chance of feeling sore or getting injured in the first place. A rested person is an alert person that doesn’t have as many accidents or get injured as often. This helps while you’re exercising, but it also helps at home, at work and simply out in life. We all want to be as healthy as possible, and sleep helps achieve that by keeping us at our peak level of awareness.

Having the right nutritional help

Another vital facet of your total health is having the right nutritional supplements. Many of us simply don’t eat well, so getting the right balance of lean protein and vegetables into our diet is a crucial step. It’s also a great idea to use a supplement like Meratrim. It’s a combination of natural extracts that can help your body in the process of losing weight. You’ll still need to exercise and eat right, but Meratrim can help you get the body you’ve always wanted!
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