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UC-II: The Convenient Choice for Joint Health

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Fri, Nov 13, 2015 @ 03:17 PM


With today’s busy lifestyles, consumers are often juggling many responsibilities that have them feeling pressed for time. Home, work, and personal obligations are things we all face, and they often leave us wishing there were more hours in the day. We all probably consider our health and wellness to be a top priority (or at least would like to make it a priority). However, it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate healthier new habits into an already-packed schedule.


Supplements with high-quality ingredients, such as UC-II® from InterHealth, can make a healthier lifestyle more convenient for consumers. In human clinical research, it was demonstrated that just 40 mg of UC-II® supports joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility. For consumers, the simplicity of once-daily dosage makes their joint care routine even easier! A simplified routine also leads to increased consumer compliance.

What does this increased compliance mean? For consumers, sticking to their healthy new regime leads to improved health and wellness. When taking supplements is easier, consumers are less likely to forget to take them and eventually stop taking them altogether. This simplified routine allows them to experience the benefits of high-quality supplements without any inconvenience.


UC-II® offers more than just convenience. All of InterHealth’s nutritional ingredients are backed by extensive research. Rather than waiting until our ingredients have been manufactured before testing their quality and efficacy, we begin the research process on day one. We believe that the ingredients used in supplements should be guaranteed to support the claims made about them. With ingredients from InterHealth you’ll have the confidence that they are!

Many forms of type II collagen used in dietary supplements are denatured. UC-II® is manufactured using a patented, low-temperature process in a GMP-certified facility. The resulting top-quality undenatured type II collagen is used to create UC-II®. With UC-II®, your customers will know that they’re taking the highest-quality joint care ingredients to help them reach their health and wellness goals. Today’s savvy consumers often spend a great deal of time researching supplements before selecting which ones they plan to take. A product label with the UC-II® logo provides consumers with peace of mind that they are taking a safe and effective supplement.


Health and fitness goals can vary widely from one individual to the next. While one consumer may be seeking a supplement to help them move more comfortably on the playing field, another may spend most of their day walking and standing at work. No matter what their goals and needs are, they’re all looking for the same thing: results. Supported by clinical studies and backed by numerous patents, UC-II® provides the quality consumers need and the results they want.

Recently, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrated that UC-II® provided a statistically significant reduction in WOMAC scores compared to placebo in increasing joint function. The findings from this study were presented at the Scripps 12th Annual Natural Supplements Conference in San Diego, CA. The joint health benefits of UC-II® were also demonstrated in two earlier published research studies. A recent study abstract published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also showed improved knee extension in healthy subjects for better flexibility, mobility, and joint comfort.

If you’re looking for the perfect dietary ingredient for your joint health products, look no further than UC-II®! With UC-II®, you can provide consumers with a branded ingredient they can trust, and the quality and results they want. Contact us today to learn more about UC-II®, as well as other trusted brands from InterHealth.

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