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Unlock The Secret To Portion Control

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Tue, Oct 28, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

What is portion size? Who knows and who cares - right? Wrong! Portion size can make losing weight and getting healthy a much easier process by limiting your intake. Did you know, a healthy portion of protein is only the size of a deck of cards? Compare that to the 30oz ribeye you saw on the menu last night. An understanding of portion size can help you immensely in your weightloss goals. We’ve pulled together a few “Rules of Thumb” when determining portion size.

Protein: deck of cards = 110 calories
Fat: 2 tbsp = 45 calories
Carbs: ⅓ cup = 70 calories
Fruit: tennis ball size = 60 calories
Veggies: baseball size = 25 calories
Dairy: 4 dice-sized pieces = 110 calories

Now that you’ve established a guide to determine portion sizes, you’re one step closer to reaching your weight loss goals. Here are a few tips to sticking with it while still enjoying some of the same foods you love.

  • Don’t let yourself starve - In reality, eating once about every 2 hours is actually better for you than 3 large meals per day. This doesn’t mean you eat 6 meals per day but rather, spread out your calorie intake more evenly. Not only will this keep you from getting too hungry and binging, but you’ll also control your blood sugar more effectively, helping to avoid the 2pm slump. Try consuming about 200 calories every 2 hours including whole grains, fruits, veggies and lean protein.
  • Pick a smaller plate - By putting your food on a smaller plate, it can actually trick your mind into thinking it is eating more than it is. This is because the plate looks fuller and the food fills it. Instead of putting dinner on a 12” plate, try a 6” plate instead.
  • Focus on your food - Distracted eating can lead to overeating. Instead of sitting down with your dinner in front of the tv, sit at the table and enjoy time with friends or family. It’s more fun to eat together, and you are less likely to overeat too!
  • Pack up leftovers before the meal - Did you make too much food? Planning to use the leftovers for lunches at work? Pre-pack these prior to sitting down. You won’t be as tempted to take seconds if they are already packaged up.
  • Relax - Many people are fast eaters, but it takes a bit more time for the stomach to catch up. After you’re done with your plate, take a few minutes to sit and relax before deciding whether seconds are in order. More than likely, these few minutes will be enough time for your stomach to catch up and tell you that you’re full, keeping you from overeating by accident.

    Portion control can be one of the easiest weight loss plans to implement, because it allows you to continue to eat what you want in proper quantities. Don’t let big plates and large servings keep you from your goals. Portion control, combined with consistent exercise and a dietary natural weightloss supplement like Meratrim, can help to jumpstart your weight loss.


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