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What is Paleo and How Can It Transform Your Health?

Posted by InterHealth Nutraceuticals on Sat, Mar 26, 2016 @ 10:28 AM


Paleo. We’ve all heard of it but may be wondering if this diet is the real deal or just another fad that will blow over in a few years. You may be surprised to hear that this “lifestyle” is the real deal. Changing the way you eat to focus specifically on foods that fuel your body instead of just feeding it can transform your health and your body itself. Now for the skeptics out there here is a deeper look into why the Paleo diet can transform your health and keep you healthier in the long-run.

What is Paleo

A paleo diet is a nutritional approach to eating a variety of foods that fit with your bodies genetics to stay healthy, lean and full of energy. The Paleo diet is based on what our ancestors ate to survive, who had fewer medical complications than many people today. A basic Paleo diet includes fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. The Paleo diet avoids dairy, grains, processed foods and sugars, legumes, starches, and alcohol. By focusing on particular foods that create a stronger and nutrient-rich diet, people on the Paleo diet can stay energized longer and have fewer health complications.

Health Benefits

Eating a Paleo diet can tremendously improve your overall health. After intense scientific scrutiny, the paleo diet has shown to provide benefits of stable blood sugar, reduce allergies, improve sleep, balance energy throughout the day, clearer skin and better teeth, provides more efficient workouts, and helps burn off stored fat. The Paleo diet also helps by improving cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and improving cardiovascular health. If that doesn’t intrigue you to at least try the Paleo diet, this might. One study monitored two groups, one on the Paleo diet and one not on the diet, for 12 months. They did not want the subjects to lose weight but even after giving the Paleo group more food to stop them from losing weight the group still lost weight. Needless to say, this diet will help you cut a few pounds, even if that’s not your goal.

How to Slowly Transform Your Diet

Starting the Paleo diet is going to be a challenging task. It takes planning and truly learning what is in each food you eat to make sure it falls within the correct parameters. Luckily for those of you looking to start this journey, there are resources and cookbooks already created by experts and Paleo lovers just for you. We recommend grabbing those resources but also get a start by adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet, instead of choosing ground beef for dinner try fresh fish or a lean turkey. Focus on setting goals for taking certain food groups out of your diet and make the transition easier for yourself.

Any diet takes the time to perfect and truly understand so do your research and keep track of recipes you love to make cooking for yourself and your family easier. To help yourself in your transition to the Paleo diet consider adding a product with Relora® to your diet. This ingredient helps support mood levels and maintain weight in stress eaters. It can help you stay focused on your goals and increase your ability to stay within your Paleo guidelines. To learn more about Relora® head to our website or give us a call at 1-800-783-4636.

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